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    After seeing what Coach Jones accomplished with the 2013 class I’m really excited to see what he and staff can do for 2014. If you’ve been a Tiger fan for a while you know the one thing that plagues our basketball team is consistency. We have one great year followed by 5 years of bad luck. Many things factor into becoming more consistent but I think the base is recruiting, having the right players. Coach Jones seems to be a hard worker on the recruiting trail and I think he will do a good job of not only getting a good class but the right players that will work together in his system.

    Looking at the roster now, we will have 3 open spots (Stringer, Courtney and Coleman). I’ve heard rumors that JOB may look to the NBA this year, I think he comes back has full healthy season and leaves after next year (my theory). Point is we will have 3 maybe 4 open roster spots.

    A few prospects:
    Craig Victor 6’8 PF…5 star on scout, high 4 star on rivals. He’s a New Orleans guy who played AAU with Jerrall Martin and in a recent scout article he said he mention he and Martin still keep in tuch.

    Dante Exum 6’4 PG…Listed as a 4 star but he is one that recruiting guys think will be a 5 star before it’s all said and done. From Australia, has an offer but his dad played at North Carolina.

    James Thompson 6’8 PF …Listed as a 3 star from Baton Rouge has an offer.
    LaDamion Keys 6’9 PF …Listed as a 3 star from Bogalusa, La…has an offer.
    Anton Beard 5’9 PG… Listed as a 4 star from Little Rock, Ar
    Davell Roby 6’4 PG…Listed as a 3 star from Memphis. TN
    Miles Reynolds 6’2 SG…Listed as a 3 star from Chicago, IL
    Jordan Cornish 6’4 SG…Listed as a 3 star from New Orleans
    Kelly Oubre 6’6 SF…Listed as a 4 star from Fort Bend, Tx

    The guys I have listed are in no order, I only listed guys who have offers or who have interest along with Louisiana ties. And this is according to scout, rivals and espn. There are a few more listed on each scout and I will add more if interest level increases.

    And by all means if you get info please post, I don’t claim to be a connected man, just one who really loves LSU basketball and visits recruiting sites a few times a week!
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    Craig Victor Highlights

    Dante Exum Highlights

    Its hard to find stuff on James Thompson but at the 1:44 mark you'll see Jordan Cornish, James Thompson and Mike Thomas. I didn't list Thomas above but he is a 6'9 C and is also a La guy... Not sure if he has a offer.

    Ladamion Keys Highlights
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    Thanks for the info. Reading it with hope for the future!!
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    Kelly Oubre is one to watch. If you look at his scout picture he's wearing a New Orleans Elite jersey and word is he has some Louisiana ties.Scout has him as the #60 prospect, ESPN#43 and Rivals# 35. Hes a lefty SF, good athlete, seems to slash to the basket well and has a good 3 point shot.ESPN has him with a offer from LSU and a few other big boys. Played with current Texas big man Cameron Ridley (high school). The rumor is that he and Victor Craig(2014 LSU target) are pretty good friends.

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    Do you think Cortney will come back? He's gonna get very little playing time if he does. I was kinda hoping he would leave after this year.
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    Leron Black 6-7 five star PF is now sporting an LSU offer per ESPN. After watching his highlights I can see him playing at the SF spot. Plays on the same team with current tiger target Davell Roby. Really good athlete who really attacks the rim! We hear alot about Coach Patrick and Kirby but Coach Leonard is the guy with the Memphis connects. Just want to point out that's two 5 stars for the 2014 that CJJ and staff are going after. And there is word (I have no links yet) the CJJ and staff are hard on another 5 star Devin Booker out of Miss. I'm getting more and more excited about recruiting and the future of LSU basketball. When is the last time we had three 5 stars guys on the recruiting list. Not only on the list but you can that we have a decent shot at getting some of these guys. Craig Victor La guy, Devin Booker Miss guy where we have had success recruting and Leron Black from Memphis where one of our coaches has good ties. I'm not saying we will get all, I'm hoping for at least one but it's good to see us going after them.

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    I have no inside info but have read that Cortney loves being a Tiger, CJJ loves Cortney being a Tiger and Cortney's biggest contribution to the team is his leadership. That info needs to be taken with a grain of salt! I hope he finishes as a Tiger tho.
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