Men's Basketball Recruting (2014)

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by mrgreen21, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Thanks, MCTiger. Will start a new thread for 2015-16 recruits.

    We can (maybe) close the books on 2014 recruiting.

    Elbert Robinson, 7 foot center
    Aaron Epps, 6'9" power forward
    Josh Gray, JUCO 6'1" PG/SG combo
    Jalyn Patterson, 6'1" PG

    Here's to the 2014 season.

    Interesting side stories to watch ... who leaves the program, if any? What ever happened with Brian Bridgewater and does he stay, go, take or not take up a schollie?

    What's clear is that we're stacked for 2014, with some very interesting (and high-level) recruits pledging in the 2015-16 classes....
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    Doing this on my phone so ill post more info when I get to a computer but Coach JJ my not be done with 2014...there is talk of a UNLV SG showing some interest...he would be a transfer who is graduating early & could play immediately....if true this could be the end of Bridgewater
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    Yeah, makes a lot of sense, given that this is a huge need for us. This dovetails with another big "story" that might have some play on this. Rivals reports that in talking with Josh Gray, the All-American JUCO combo guard is actually not 100% coming to LSU yet, as he may be testing the NBA waters! If so, and if he is draftable, this UNLV guard could be a key contingency plan. So it may not mean Bridgewater has to leave, if Gray is no longer in the picture. Regardless, I like how CJJ and staff never rest on the recruiting front. They always seem to be thinking about this kind of stuff, which is a very welcome thing.
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    After having a week or so to process this season and watching the NCAA tournament until now, I now feel that what we were missing this year had nothing to do with our All-American front line and everything to do with our guard play. Every team that has advanced this far in the tournament has had excellent guard play; something we lacked all year. Our guards were not bad but they were not good enough either. I believe that the addition of Gray and Hornsby next season would go a long way toward fixing that. Either way, after the disappointment wore off I am back to feeling hopeful about the future of the mens basketball program. JJ and the staff have proven themselves to be worthy recruiters, now I want to see that they can handle the X's and O's too.
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    Gotta love the above quote by Coach Les Miles !!!!! :cool:
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    I think the tourney results each year confirm your opinion.

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