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    Josh Grey is leaving Texas Tech...Guy is from Louisiana and has been open that he wants to transfer to LSU...He is going to announce today per Scout...Where ever he goes he would have to sit out a year which is why I put it in 2014...Not sure how it would work out with the numbers but again he has been open that he wants to come to LSU so maybe he's willing to take a walk on year...
    Grey is a 6'2 175lb pg...some feel that he would have been a high 4 star coming out of high school but he had a troubled past...At Tech he put up about 10ppg, 3.3asst and 2steals.. Not sure if this will work out but it's good to see kids wanting to come to LSU

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    Grey announced that he will go to Juco for a year...He said on twitter he had options but felt Juco was best for him now...I think he is someone that Coach JJ will keep an eye on
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    No room at the inn, I guess. ;)
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    Craig Victor playing at Adidas Exclusive Run in Dallas
    "Craig Victor PF, New Orleans Elite – Sometimes 8:00 a.m. games can be tough to evaluate, but Victor certainly made it clear he was bringing his effort and energy against Minnesota D1. The 6-foot-8 forward was active, hit the glass and showed off an impressive scoring package. He faced up and hit jumpers, backed down defenders and dropped in hooks and also scored it in transition. A versatile forward, Victor has impressive scoring touch in the paint."
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    Article about Kelly Oubre and LSU
    "Another Louisiana connection that Oubre, a 4-star wing in the Class of 2014, is considering is LSU basketball. LSU coach Johnny Jones and assistant David Patrick have been recruiting him since they were hired at LSU last year. He took an unofficial visit to LSU last summer, and then took another with his father to attend the LSU-Alabama football game in the fall."

    Says LSU has been recruiting him real hard...Also says that Jordan Cornish (another LSU target) is a really good friend...
    Has a nice offer list Texas, Baylor, UCLA, Connecticut, Kansas, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Ohio State and North Carolina....
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    More on Victor
    "Ranked No. 24 in the class of 2014, Craig Victor of New Orleans Elite puts some meaning into the No. 97 he wears on his uniform. The 6-foot-8 combo forward says he wears it as a reminder not to rest on his reputation and to keep working. Sometimes seen as a bit of a cruiser in the past, Victor put in serious work on the glass Saturday. He attacked the rim and got to the free throw line in his first game and started hitting jumpers in his second. Arizona's Sean Miller eyed him early, and Victor mentioned Oklahoma State, Kansas, LSU and Miami. Per Victor, Kentucky's John Calipari was in to see him about three weeks ago."
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    Tidbit on Kelly Oubre
    "Kelly Oubre, SF/PF, Houston Hoops: Oubre had a fantastic weekend, notching two double-double efforts. He had stretches where he disappeared at times, but when Oubre has the motor going, he is very difficult to stop. The forward has solid range, but seems more comfortable within the arc. Oubre is very dangerous when he attacks the glass, but does tend to drift a bit. Coaching should fix that and when it does, he should succeed at the next level."
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    More and more, feel like Victor doesn't put LSU high on his list, and he's the type to really want to leave the state. Rivals has a recent interview on him regarding his high interest in UCLA, and with the staff change-over, he hadn't heard from them in a while. Alford's staff recently connected, and Victor was anxious to get out there, as well as Arizona, for visits. But, he wants to announce early (end of July). Feels like this one many not be a local kid that Jones can sign. But, we thought that with Bridgewater too (although the Arizonas of the world sort of backed off him).

    2014 looks to be an interesting class, after the amazing fan fare of 2013. Not surprising that we'd have less interest after a stacked class. However, aside from some decent (but not stellar) LA locals, and a few reaches (like Dante Exum), its seems like so far the targets in that 3-4* range with a mixture of TX, TN, GA recruits. I'd absolutely be estatic if Jones somehow lands Exum, Victor and a few others, but right now Exum is about as hot as can be and Victor may force LSU to go to other LA prospects more intently (seems like Jones would really like to fall into a rhythm of signing maybe the one or two LA prospects, a TX guy and a guy from somewhere else per year).

    What we seem to be missing, given some of the recent signees is more backcourt help, so expect a guard heavy class. Interestingly, the local recruits really fall in that big man category (Victor, James Thompson, Mike Thomas, etc.) and they'd have to find some way to play on a pretty stacked LSU frontline (Odoh, Malone, Martin and Mickey). That will be a challenge trying to convince these LA prospects to come in and blend in with these guys. You'd like to see either more of a swing forward, or a bruiser type to go along with Martin/Mickey, who are more versatile "tweener" 4s. Frankly, that's why a 6'7"/6'6" true 2/3 is more of what we need. Exum, would fit in moreso. You'd like to see a quality PG and SG signed up with the soon maturation of Hickey and Stringer, and a relatively young backcourt (Morgan and Quarterman).

    Anyone have any word on the departure of Kirby? Who's Jones going to get to replace him? That should also address some of our recruiting concerns.
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    Welcome back Hornland, been missing you even as MrGreen is keeping us up to date. Nope, havent heard a word on Kirbys replacement - What was the ex LSU player from N.O. that was mentioned so much when JJ first got here? Maybe him? I sure hope LSU can change Victors mind if he is planning on going outa state. One Louisana recruit like him per year would be enough to keep things moving in the right direction I would think.. Heck, Hire Victors High School coach.. Dale did that a couple of times as I remember.

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