Men's Basketball Recruting (2014)

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by mrgreen21, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. stevescookin

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    We need to pull out all the stops when it comes to basketball recruiting....

  2. mrgreen21

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    Now hearing that the news about Victor is very much not true...can't link from phone
  3. mrgreen21

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  4. mrgreen21

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    Craig Victor said he's set to announce this weekend & 4 recruiting guru's Tweeted shortly after that LSU is in good shape! Still keeping my fingers crossed....
  5. LSUsupaFan

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    Pins and needles.
  6. islstl

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    Jerry Meyer is the director of basketball recruiting on 247sports. Trending picks have been changing to LSU's favor most recently on that site, so it looks good for LSU getting this top recruit.

    Jerry Meyer ?@jerrymeyer247 1h
    #LSU picking up a little #Crystalball momentum w Craig Victor (#36 247Sports/#24 247Composite ranked)

    Brandon Sepulveda ?@BSepulveda 1h
    Thanks to LINK jumping the gun n messing things up, sounds like Craig Victor now headed to LSU

    Jerry Meyer ?@jerrymeyer247 1h
    Had picked Arizona on #Crystalball 4 Craig Victor on 6/19. Feel that a lot has changed over two months. Changed 2 LSU

    Jerry Meyer ?@jerrymeyer247 35m
    @BSepulveda feel things have cooled w Arizona & Craig Victor. Connections & proximity strong w LSU. Don't want 2 get any more detailed.​
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  7. islstl

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    Concerning LSU basketball, a guy like Victor is simply someone we should not be whiffing on. If we're going to ever be a force, we must take care of our back yard, something we were never able to do in the past on any kind of consistent basis.
  8. LSUsupaFan

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    Not getting Victor wouldn't be a whiff though. He was a stretch to begin with. Getting him would take some real recruiting prowess. I'm hopeful as hell. Rico Gathers was a whiff.
  9. islstl

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    He picked Arizona.

    Huge blow in terms of keeping up with mammoth classes year after year. We can't afford one great year then a down year.
  10. Tom Callender

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