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    I agree, big loss but nothing else to do but get up, dust yourself off & go get the next guy & I think jj & crew will do just that. Just gotta keep working.
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    Sorry I've been out of it for awhile...Moved, now job and computer went down... Buttt a lot has been going on with LSU recruiting. The list from the first page of of this thread has drastically changed. First the most recent news Craig Victor chose AZ. I would have loved to have him in purple and gold and it burns me up that he decided to go to AZ but its not the end of the world. From articles i've read he felt AZ would give him the best chance to get to the NBA. Since the late 80's AZ has put 36 players in the NBA, LSU 17. Wish him the best. I don't feel that this is one of those CJJ dropped the ball kinda things. The fact that several BB recruiting analyst thought that he switched to LSU a week ago, kinda indicates that CJJ was putting in work til the last minute, Victor just didnt want to go to LSU. This summer I read a few articles where Victor stated he was waiting for UK to offer and he'd always mention LSU but it kinda seemed like LSU was his fall back if the schools he wanted didn't offer. Tigernhornedland called it the kid just didnt want to go to LSU.

    Now for a more updated list
    Trayvon Reed a 4 star 7 footer from Atlanta has an offer and is showing interest. Reed says Auburn is recruiting him the hardest.

    Ray Kasongo 3 star 6'9, 235lb PF...Kasongo is from Canada and is going to school in KY.

    Jeff Newberry a 6'2 Juco PG Newberry has Atlanta roots and redshirted his freshman year at Ole Miss

    Ahmed Hill 4 star 6'4 SG out of GA has an offer

    Andre Chatfield 3 star 6'5 SG out of Ga has an offer

    Jonah Bolden 4 star 6'9 SF from Australia... Big time recruit, some feel he will be 5 star before it's all said and done (he's play at Findlay Prep with Victor)

    Jakeenan Grant 4 star 6'9 PF from GA

    Khadeem Lattin 4 star 6'9 190lb PF from Houston (Lattin starts at aobut the 3:30 mark...Tony Upchurch LSU WR commit also has a few highlights)

    From what i've read all the Tenn guy we were recruiting where Kerby recruits and our chances of getting any of them are slim. Jalen Lindsey committed to Providence, Davell Roby committed to St. Louis, Leron Black removed LSU from his list and Kelly Oubre removed LSU from his list

    Dante Exum is said to be a heavy IU lean or he may jump to the NBA but CJJ and staff are still in his ear...Miles Reynolds is still very much interested in LSU..James Thompson and LaDamion Keys are still hanging around also...Elbert Robinson a 7'0 310lb C supposedly took an unofficial to LSU this weekend, he's believed to be a heavy Georgetown lean...
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    Mr. Green, love what you're doin' here. I can always count on the most concise summary on where we stand from you, without the noise. Sorry, I've been out of it as of late, just no time. Plus, honestly, there's SO much now out there about LSU recruiting (which is a good thing), it's hard to know what's smoke and what is fire...

    In any case, I did feel like getting Victor was a long shot. When some of the "LSU lean" stuff came out the last couple of weeks, I was hopeful but not entirely. A kid just doesn't say all of the things he said, do (i.e., transfer to Findlay) and then pick LSU. At some simplistic level, there is still something very different about a BR kid (like a Glen Davis, J. Martin) and a kid like Monroe, Augustin and now Victor. The N.O. kids, as much as we hate to admit it, don't necessarily love LSU hoops like they do out of state powers.

    All that said, I will still say that others out there will differ from Victor and find that coming TO LSU and what CJJ has going on a change of pace for THEM and make the choice. Hard part of it is, LSU had a top 5ish class last year, and let's be real, it's hard short of you being UK to sign those back to back monster classes. So, I frankly expect a local LA kid of the ilk of James Thompson, Ladamion Keys () to perhaps be part of a class that also pulls a few kids from elsewhere. Another LA big that has recently blown up and gotten a LSU offer is Aaron Epps, who has LSU (along with LA Tech and some locals and regionals) in his top 6: But, I think this year, as was said early, is key for CJJ to keep some momentum. I don't necessarily expect another top 10 class, but it'd damn sure be nice to get a top 20 class, still a top 4 kind of class in the SEC. That will keep momentum going.

    The key is also recruiting for need. When you have better kids coming in, like a Martin, you can't guarantee he'll be there all 4 years. But, you have to like CJJ's use of JUCOs and transfers to bring some experienced depth or starters. Take a kid like Hornsby who is technically in this 2014 class. You've still got young kids like Quarterman, Morgan, Hammink, Mickey, Malone, who are going to be here several years from now. So, we may not need a Craig Victor per se. You fill the need, which in this class I think is big men who you can develop to fill in minutes when guys like Odoh, Malone, Mickey, are playing a few years from now. I think some of the big names here really are Keys, Thompson as LA bigs, maybe a guy like Bolden, Kasongo--any one of those guys could be someone who is just as, if not more, valuable than Victor. Throw in a Newbury at PG (who makes way for a guy like Stan Mays, who I like the sound of in a few years), and another versatile guard (e.g., Miles Reynolds), or another big (true center), and you've got a very nice complementary class.

    Of course, the 10,000$ question is who IS going to be that first commitment in this class. We've got a very hard working staff, with a lot of connections in different places. We are just waiting for the stars to align.
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    Just read that Brian Bridgewater is not enrolled & looks as if he will not be apart of the 2013 one is sure but all signs point to eligibility issue...He may be apart of the 14 class of it may open up another spot
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    Saw that. C'mon, Brian! Honestly, I was looking forward to what he could do. With a player like that, a tweener who is more of a 4 year player, we don't need him coming in a year later and taking another schollie in classes to come.

    As for who is coming next, it is apparent now that CJJ and staff want to sign one PG and one big in the class of 2014. The two primary targets appear to be Gerry Blakes a 6'3-4" PG out of a CA CC vs Jeff Newberry, a 6'2" JUCO out of New Mexico JC. Jeff interestingly was signed with Ole Miss before deciding to leave to hone his game in CC, first in Carolina and now in NM. Blakes just finished a visit at LSU this past weekend and is saying the right things, but has his visit with Arizona State coming up. This one is down to a LSU-ASU battle.

    I like the look of this guy. Fits that mold of what Carmouche did for CJJ's team last year. Versatile big guard who can play point and can score. Reasonably athletic and looks to be pretty skilled. Most of the footage out there is when he was in HS, but he looks to be decent and a very nice bridge between Hickey and Quarterman.

    If you compare him to Newberry, you see a guy in Newberry who's getting a little bit more love in the JUCO rankings--he's a quicker "pure" PG (he actually also is a converted SG, but at 6'2" seems to be quicker and able to break down folks off the dribble). But, I think JN is spread a little bit more thin given the recent recruiting love he's getting. WVU was on him early, but now LSU along with OK St are on him, along with others from the SEC. He visits LSU next weekend, so this will be interesting. Originally an Atlanta guy, with LSU assistant McCray connections.

    Highlights and more on Newberry:

    If I were betting on it, both would be a very nice addition to the team based upon a real need there for PG depth. I have a feeling that the west coast kid Blakes is leaning towards ASU, although, I'd say it's close... 60/40 ASU, given that they get him last and his CC connections may push him to a Pac12 player. Newberry with this Atlanta connections, and SEC leanings, might make more sense for LSU, although even there, LSU will have to have a good visit from him to have a chance.

    Both will want to make a decision for early signing, so we'll see what happens here within the month. Geaux Tigers!

    From there, I think LSU focuses on a nice 6'9"+ big who will come from LA, or surrounding states.
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    Just saw that Magee comitted to Memphis over the weekend while on an official vist & Blakes to ASU over the weekend also...Jeff Newberry was on campus this weekend & had nothing but good stuff to say...said he almost committed this weekend...said he played pickup with the team & said Martin was a beast... He has two visits left one to Memphis but with Memphis picking up Magee I wonder if that one gets canceled & the other to OK St..St is who we have to worry about, Buch will pull out all the stops to keep this guy from signing with us!
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    Hope we get somebody soon. im getting nervous.
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    Wow Jeff Newberry said he loved LSU & almost committed on his vist last weekend...yesterday he cut his list to 3 & left LSU off his list saying the program just wasn't for me...something just doesn't seem right about that!
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    What is the scoop on Cornelius Hudson? Heard he is the brother of Michael Crabtree.

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