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    Quote="bhelmLSU, post: 1349761, member: 7665"]What is the scoop on Cornelius Hudson? Heard he is the brother of Michael Crabtree.
    Still getting info but so far I've heard he is the brother of Crabtree who is handling his recruitment...LSU has not yet offered but that could change when he visits in the next few weeks...word is he would commit on the spot...he was in the 2013 class but had low test scores which caused schools to back off...he's doing a year of prep...he is a SG who can plat a little PG if needed....I've seen him listed between 6'3-6'7 which is a hudge gap...that's what I got so far
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    And this...looks like a shooter...didn't really see any PG skills
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    Big basketball recruiting weekend...Elbert Robinson 7'1 300lb 4 star center from Texas, Aaron Epps 6'9 215lb 3 star PF from northern Louisiana & a few Jr's will be on campus...just so happens Shaw will be in town for his annual golf tournament!
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    Yes, great recruiting weekend timing. SEC opener under the lights vs Auburn and looks like weather may be nice. Shaq being in town also goes a long way. While LSU has missed out on a few prospects of late, the recruiting season is a long one and Coach JJ and David Patrick seem to be everywhere. Rivals has also got two new articles out on Miles Reynolds out of Whitney Young in IL and Aaron Epps mentioned by MrGreen.

    Seems like with Reynolds, Epps, Robinson and Hudson there are some real potentials. With the exception of Robinson (who is a top 60 ish player) all of the other guys could be "under the radar" in some respects but from the film they seem like solid additions and guys that could develop over time in CJJ's system. You've got a combo Pg, a SG/sf, a PF, and a true center in this group. Seems like Reynolds and Hudson are the most likely commits at this stage. Will have to see how Epps and Robinson visits go. Part of this is also how the players mesh with each other. We could really have a chance at some serious frontline future if you add an Epps and Robinson to an already deep group of Odoh, Malone, Mickey, and Martin. You can also make the case that these guys get a lot of PT soon with folks like O'bryant and Martin leaving early. With only 3 (maybe 4--wih the uncertainty of Bridgewater and O'bryant) schollies it will also be interesting how the staff use those schollies. I'd say Reynolds is a priority if the staff likes Reynolds' skills. From there, a guy like Robinson would be huge, literally and figuratively. Sounds like Hudson would love to come to Lsu (if given the opportunity) whereas Epps is more of a wait and see.
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    We got one! Epps is a tiger! Great start!
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    Boom! AARON EPPS-- welcome, Tiger!

    For more in-depth article on what we're getting here, see:

    When I read this stuff on Epps, there's an oddly reminiscent "T-Train" aka Tyrus Thomas feel to him. A skinny 3* 6'9" kid (weight reported anything from 190-215) who's still growing, still developing and whose getting by on his atleticism and defensive game. T-Train was a 2* kid who was only 6'7", 190- ish when signed, who blossommed into a NBA lottery pick. Don't know if Epps has that scary kind of athleticism, but reading the quotes in the first story, there's some pretty high praise coming. Only question will be whether Epps actually signs, and then whether he needs a red-shirt year (Tyrus took one). He's already taller than T-Train, and some think he may continue to grow. If he's able to stay 215-225 at 6'9-10", the sky's the limit if the kid continues to work hard and improve as he has been.

    Now, you've got to think that with Epps' commitment, he WANTS one of those elusive schollies. With that commitment, we've got one schollie for a PG as a definite. Then, short of a definite schollie for Elbert Robinson, the spots are starting to be harder to come by....
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    Tioga....isn't Collis Temple from there? Or is it Johnny Jones himself?

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