Michelle. you divisive Beyotch

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by lsutiga, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. lsutiga

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    Once again, behavior unbecoming of the White House. Does anyone here think there's reason for her to inject race into the crisis our country is facing? Is this- her statement going back to 1929- releveant?

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news...os-we-cannot-afford-wait-congr/#ixzz37DMiGcCM
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  2. MLUTiger

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    Keep trying, brah...
  3. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    So you think that's a relevant OR appropriate comment to make? Once again a comment made by the idiot family that can only server to charge racial tensions in our Country. This is not an isolated incident from those dumbasses- "If I had a son..."

    When you actor in her rad background and know such things as:

    1/ She declared the entire Princeton Campus to be racist.

    2/ She was on a board that made a push to have the right to bar whites from their meetings on campus. They also demanded minorities-only meetings with the deans.

    3/ She was published for an op ed, during her final year of law school at Harvard, on why she opposed hiring on basis of merit and how minorities should be hired over professors with better legal pedigrees.

    That piranha-mouthed bitch is racist, make no mistake about it.

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  4. red55

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    The whackadoos are out today . . .
  5. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Idiot family? Damn I wish I was that kind of idiot.
  6. Bengal B

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  7. MLUTiger

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    I meant "try harder"...
  8. Winston1

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    Lsutiga I disagree with many of Mrs Obama's statements and much of her beliefs. The points you made about her actions both recent and while in school point to her radicalism and lack of respect for others' rights. That alone is as strong an argument as you needed to make.
    However to call her names like that is far out of bounds. You forfeit any respect or standing and appear to be no better than you claim her to be.... a racist and a hater.
    Please for the sake of the argument refrain from spewing the venom and stick to the facts and make the points you wish with class.
  9. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    I'm an American. Everyone living here used to be proud to lay claim to that. Unfortunately somewhere along the way people felt the need to put other descriptors in front of that word. It's why we no longer are a "United" Nation so forgive me if I have issue with that.
  10. Winston1

    Winston1 Senior Member

    What the hell does that have to do with calling MO a c*nt? Try to follow me...

    1) Your point that she is a radical and uses racist speech is valid and I agree with.
    2) It wasn't the point you made but the language you used. It was crude and unnecessary more than counter productive. If you are reduced to using such language it says more about you that her.
    3) You have a right to use such language if you choose, but if you think it makes you seem smarter or stronger you are wrong. It makes you look weaker and less able to carry your argument..

    Finally no gentleman would ever speak that way about someone else.

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