Miles very safe; Saban on Hot Seat #14

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  1. TigerTap


    Les Miles is #119 of 126, one of the safest Coaches in America. Saban is #14 on the Hot Seat.

    Why Saban's fanny is ablaze:

    * Gifted the easiest SEC schedule by Birmingham, during his time at Alabama

    * Gifted the #1 Recruiting classes 6 of the past 7 years, by all fan recruiting sites.

    * Gifted no Holding calls for life at Alabama

    * Gifted a Top 5 annual recruiting budget

    *Gifted ESPN & CBS constant exposure & recruiting on live TV for him


    *Sh:t the bed against Auburn

    *Proved again that he cannot stop a spread offense

    *Reluctantly given another salary increase by flirting openly with Texas. His wife complaining that he isn't appreciated at Alabama, I E. talking to fan base / BOS though his wife. (A no-no in sports negotiations)

    *Sh:t the bed again, against Oklahoma in a Bowl game

    * Hired perennial loser, Lane Kiffin to fix his Process

    Now making $7.3 million, given every advantage available, some Alabama fans are asking why & if he's worth $2.2 million more than any other college football Coach. They are getting tired of his annual flirting, new sports cars to players & other allegations of cheating, Terry's antics, the "Mad Coach" act. Saban can legitimately be considered an underachiever, given the totality of the advantages he has received there.

    Will he be fired? No. But he better win another NC or an SEC Championship very quickly, or that could change. Alabama has finally found out that he is no Bear Bryant.

    This did not help him:

    "I tell 'em if they sign with you, they're signing with Underachiever U"

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  2. XXL TideFan

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    Funny stuff, but not a shred of reality in it. Saban stays as long as he wants. You're right, he is no Bryant 3 NC's in 7 years is better than what Coach Bryant did and he will win a couple more before he retires. He is 62 not 63
  3. VampMuse

    VampMuse Freshman

    You're right, as long as he wants. If the SEC West stays tough he might take the easy way out next time there is a "Texas" type opening where he can get to the NC without trying.
  4. TigerTap


    Yep, I'm sure they just pulled his name out of a goofy straw hat.
    Nice of you to go ahead and speak for the people who are paying his salary.

    2 years with No titles & Bama spent $14.6 million. Happy are you? Of course it will be time for him to " Retire". After all, he's done a lot of soul searching & it wasn't an easy decision...etc.

    How old do you expect Saban to be for the Tigers vs. Cousins game? Had you paid attention, they list Miles as 61, but he's 60 at the moment. Shake it off, you'll figure it out.
  5. red55

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    Saban can stay until he decides to leave, his job is not in peril. On the other hand, like Spurrier at Florida he will find expectations increasingly impossible to match. He gets a huge salary and everything he asks for. Bamafans want a NC every other year, minimum. I can see Nick retiring sooner than we all might expect. Stress kills and that guy lives a stressful life 24/7.
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  7. red55

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    If you don't like the smell, then just leave.
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    X-fat should be honing those reading comprehension skills. Turd-Pipe can help by providing the crayons and beating his cousin-sister-wife in his absense.
  9. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Saban is Pete Carroll who can't coach in the Pros. Gets the premier talent every year and still drops games he shouldn't. Gifted easy schedules, no holding calls, and someone forgot to tell him that sometimes officials call shit for Auburn too. Fuck em.....Up the wall...
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    Haaaaa, been listening at the window Red?

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