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    Update Report on Email I recently recieved from Senator Frist.
    let us support his cause, he is fighting for us working folks and hopefully with a few more Rep. seats in the Senate he can do some real good for us tax payers. Because unlike some of the idiots in here who blame everything on GW Bush. It takes legislation to realize tax relief and fiscal responsibilty. Ssome one needs to remind these goofs that our Government was set up with a system of checks and balances, one of them being the legislative branch. Let's get the word out and elect more moral/ conservative candidates and watch the tax cuts and budget get balanced.
    here is the update Sen. Frist sent,

    1. Medical liability and you -- I was in Philadelphia last week at the Republican retreat (very useful, President spoke forcefully, Nashville Sara Evans music loved by all) and went by Jefferson Hospital where I met a young, superbly trained orthopedic doctor. He told me with despair he is leaving Philadelphia because the medical liability premiums there are 10x what they are in Charlotte. He wants to stay in Philly where he grew up and trained but cannot afford to because of these exorbitant malpractice premiums. If you come across other stories like this (they abound!!!) please let me know -- specific cases where doctors have to leave their practices, stop delivering babies, or move because of these out-of-control frivolous lawsuits, which are now hurting the availability of quality care for you and your family. I want to personally talk to doctors or people who have been directly affected by exorbitant medical liability premiums, so names would be appreciated. It will help me assess just how big this crisis is (over 1400 doctors have left Philadelphia alone in last 2 years).

    2. Ricin -- The Capitol has been burned, attacked and assaulted over the years. Most recently with ricin, as you know. I continue to be amazed by the resiliency of the institution -- and the people who work there. Most importantly, no one was hurt by the deadly poison sent to my office. And all are OK, from my own staff to people throughout the mail system. We did not miss a beat in performing the nation's business in the U.S. Senate. I thank everyone affected.

    3. Elections -- The national focus is obviously on the democratic races as they seek their nominee for President. It looks like it will be a Senator. Thus you will, for better or worse, see more activity in our chamber related to the Presidential race. I hope that it is not partisan politics, and I will work to see that the Senate business stays above partisan manipulation.

    The Senate races are in full swing. All are important, especially to me personally because my life would be a lot easier as leader if we had a few more seats. The most talked about races at this juncture are South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Alaska. Again, they are all important for us!!! Republican incumbents cannot be assumed!!! We need your support -- as you know I am focusing my own efforts for these races through VOLPAC, my leadership PAC that channels resources to the most important races in the country. The issues are huge, the races critical to the direction of the country.

    4. Civil Rights pilgrimage. I am leading a bipartisan Senate delegation to Selma, Montgomery, and Nashville this weekend to study an era that so positively shaped America. The pilgrimage will run Friday, February 13, to Sunday, Congressman John Lewis, who just spoke to us at the National Prayer Breakfast last week, and I are leading the pilgrimage and Senators Sam Brownback and Jon Corzine will serve as honorary co-chairs. Among the other Senators joining the 3-day pilgrimage are Sen. Norm Coleman, Sen. Mike DeWine, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Paul Sarbanes, Sen. Jeff Sessions and Sen. Richard Shelby. Also participating in the pilgrimage are Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, Congressman Artur Davis and Congressman Mike Rogers. In addition to Congressman Lewis, several other luminaries of the civil rights movement, including Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette and Dr. Dorothy Cotton, will participate.

    5. Medicare. The facts: The new law represents real progress, because it adds a voluntary prescription drug benefit to Medicare.

    a. The bottom line:. It gives more seniors access to MORE prescription drugs at a lower cost.

    b. It provides seniors some relief from the high cost of prescription drugs, especially the 12 million low-income seniors who need the most help.

    c. It gives seniors choice and control over their prescription drug plans.

    d. It protects seniors who already have prescription drug coverage from a former employer.

    6. Family. Karyn is spending a lot of time studying relationships between daughters and their fathers. I will keep you posted as to her research. She has a big project underway that I am very excited about. All 3 boys are active, healthy, and busy in high school and college. We are proud of them.

    7. Tennessee. We are, as usual, busy with GOP functions across Tennessee. I will be Lincoln Day speaker in Sullivan County in Kingsport (2/18), and in Williamson County (2/19) and in Hamilton County (2/20). We love seeing everyone at the Lincoln Day activities as we gather to reflect, renew and plan.

    Also in Tennessee, I am looking forward in two weeks to a Project Grad School visit in Knoxville, a University of Tenn economic briefing, and visit to an outstanding community college in Morristown. This month we will also be in Memphis at the Medical Hospital and meeting with clergy, and will be at federal courthouse dedication in Jackson. Then on to meeting with Middle Tenn Mayors and county execs regarding local economy. Also going to Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro and meeting with the African American Chamber of Commerce in Chattanooga.

    That's about it for now. Hope all is well with you.

    Bill Frist

    Post Office Box 158552
    Nashville, TN 37215
    Office: (615) 386-0045

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