More High School Nazis

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    quick call morons anonomyous:,0,5422665.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines

    a taste: but it gets worse, much worse:(just visualize the majorettes, the tubas wailing, the trumpets, the 'triumph of the will' )

    "A high school band director has apologized for a halftime performance................................... Charles Grissom, Paris High School's band director, said his intention was to have a historical performance featuring the flags and music of the nations that fought during World War II.

    The show, titled "Visions of World War II," nearly caused a melee at Friday night's football game at Dallas' Hillcrest High School.

    "We were booed," Grissom said Monday. "We had things thrown at us. We were cursed."

    Paris' assistant coaches were even targeted as they made their way through the bleachers to a press box after halftime.

    "The assistant coaches ... got blasted, cursed," said Brent Southworth, Paris' head football coach.

    Grissom said he never intended to offend anyone, and he apologized repeatedly.

    "We had an error in judgment," Grissom told The Dallas Morning News in an interview published Tuesday. "Our intent was never to cause any harm."

    The show was performed in Paris, about 100 miles northeast of Dallas, a week earlier after the homecoming game against Athens.

    The band, which began working on the show in August, planned to perform it at the University Interscholastic League contest Oct. 15.

    now what could have happened to cause such a fuss?


    ........a halftime performance that included "Deutschland Uber Alles," the anthem closely associated with Adolf Hitler, and a student running across the field with a Nazi flag.

    hmm maybe next year they can do the Pol Pot show.............

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