MORE Proof Skip's In State Scheduling Is Hurting LSU(link)....

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    This is from ESPN and their analysis of why LSU would be left out in favor of USC. The main reason? THE STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE!
    LSU fans need to understand that this bullshit policy of playing these D1A PRETENDERS from UL-L, UL-M, & La Tech is HURTING LSU and our BCS standing. The argument that some have had regarding playing UL-L, UL-M etc instead of Western Illinois is half thought out. The reason being, Western Illinois was a last minute replacement team for a cancelled game of a SCHEDULED OPPONENT(Marshall). The in-state schools are INTENTIONALLY SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE. That means we are going to continue to play these douchebags by design. SKIP's DESIGN. While it's one thing to pick up a sorry team as result of an unforeseen circumstance, it is entirely another to go out and look for crappy teams to schedule while you KNOW it harms the Strength of Schedule. See link to ESPN for their comments regarding LSU's SOS. I think LSU is # 63.

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