Most Overrated coaches

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUFAN910, Jun 1, 2009.

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  2. LesMilesFan

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    :lol:. I'd like to see his top ten favorite coaches.
  3. stevescookin

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    I kind of agree with him about Les Miles' baffling game decisions...the only problem is that THEY WORK OUT like they're supposed to. :hihi:.

    And if you go by that, Where's Shannon on that list ???

    The team did under achieve last year though.
  4. Krypto

    Krypto Huh?

    What a dumbass list....

    1. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina– ummm 6 SEC Championships and 1 NC

    2. Jim Tressel, Ohio State– 3 National Champ games and 1 NC, 5 Big 10 titles

    3. Les Miles, LSU– 1 SEC Title and 1 NC

    4. Joe Paterno, Penn State– most bowl wins of all time, 2 NCs, 5 big10 titles

    8. Bobby Bowden, FSU–12 conference titles, 2 NCs

    please.. this guys list is just stupid.

    Where is Shannon, or every Notre Dame coach for the past 15 years? Amazing that the 1 person that is not on his list is Pete Carroll. I am not trying to start any anti-USC crap but for a team that was supposed to 3-peat and only getting 1 of them, that is underperforming which can easily = overrated.
  5. Richdog

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    Carroll HAS to be #1
    How many players from USC get drafted every year?
    USC had 4 linebackers drafted this year. and I believe they play a 4-3
    Matt Cassell started last year and threw less than 20 passes in his USC career.
    and carroll has 1 bcs title? sad.
  6. TwistedTiger

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    But wait didn't USC 3-peat, I mean 3 national titles in a row means no way he makes that list. Oh.......that's right, he only won 1. For someone that had T-shirts made and trade marked the term 3 peat he definitely sounds like he should lead the list.
  7. HectorSpectre

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    Is it just me or do you guys agree Bob Stoops (OU) should be right there.

    His bowl record is abysmal!
  8. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    not to mention the dude has 5 star quality 3 deep at each position, and plays in the Fudge Pac-10. Petey would get my vote as #1 over rated coach.
  9. HectorSpectre

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    Re: Most Overrated coach = Pete Carroll

    <cough> 82-8 regular season run <cough> 7 - 1 postseason bowl games <cough> 7-straight PAC-10 Championships <cough> 2 Natties <cough>

    (You don't have to count 2003 if you don't want, but the rest of the world does ... And you don't have to like Carroll as a coach either, but if you think he's anywhere near the most-overrated coach in CFB, you need help.)

    Did you ever stop to think all those guys who went to the pros from USC in the last nine years were coached-up in NFL-relevant offensive and defensive systems while they were in college-up? Who did that? The Archbishop of Canterbury?

    "Pete Carroll = most overrated coach in CFB today." :lol:
  10. CajunlostinCali

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    Re: Most Overrated coach = Pete Carroll

    I do like what he does for his community. :)

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