Mr. Wonderful, have you seen a character called

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    "Ronnie Dobbs" from the late HBO comedy show "Mr. Show with Bob and Dave"? If not, I encourage you to do whatever you have to do to get a hold of some of this footage. Mr. Dobbs, played touchingly by David Cross, is your stereotypical "white trash with a heart of gold". He, much like Troy Mcclure for the FLHL community, is an unknowing ambassador. You see, in this world of ours many whites have turned their hatred from negros, spaniards and chinkys, and focused it on their own. Tuwho is a good example. This "white on white" crime is just another form is misdirected hatred. Tuwho, in his blind anger, takes out his frustration on members of his own race. Wouldnt this anger be better directed at the Mexican, whose family structure is far advanced to that of the TUwho family? Or the negro who is allowed to live in cheap, yet dignified, government housing while Tuwho labors to pay his $350 rent? Or the Vietnamese who took his job, then sells HIM beer at the corner store? Mr. Wonderful, I urge you to raise arms against the TUwho's of our great state. The only thing seperating them between those they call white trash are a few hundred dollars in clothes and hair care products. Are they really that different I ask you? If my plea's dont move you enough, then look up the "Ronnie Dobbs" song "Y'all are brutalising me", a touching "Rodgers and Hammerstein" type number about the injustice of police brutality against our genetically impaired brethren. If anything Mr. Wonderful, and i'm appealing to the trendsetter in you, you could be the first to take up the fight for the impoverished white man. Think of it. In twenty years young white men will be wearing "Mr. W" hats and t-shirts, much like young negros wore "X" hats and shirts a few years back. Take a stand Mr. Wonderful. Where would we be if Rosa Parks wouldnt have taken one? The ball is in your court........

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