Mr. Wonderful's "Salad and Gremlin Years" have jaded him beyond repair!

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by TNT, Oct 9, 2003.

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    Jun 11, 2003
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    What a foul "moufed" and "hopelessly irreverent" loose cannon! Even Dandy Daddy Duward Dale DaMouf Brown was never so callous and irresponsible. I am referring, SIR, to your "diatribe from HELL" about our honourable and "ursuper-inclined" Judiciary.

    Such "loose canonery" is reprehensible and reflective of a callous and "hardened apostate". What has your "Legal Secretarial Schooling" wrought. HUH!! I guess Dandy's "yet another failure to run and deliver" has really hardened your heart. I don't guess Shady Cat's summary departure from the "Petrified Forrest Pup Tent" helped matter either.

    PS..We "CERTAINLY" miss your Elsa Klenschish commentary on Susan Snaponava Gunter's high fashion and glitter crusted Stiletto Pumps. Please come back and admit to your "niche". Nobody Sir...does it bettah. UH HUH BTW...TuWho is dissing your "left and right" in the other forum. I think he should be "scuttled to his size". ;) :shock: :shock: :dis: :shock: :shock: ;)
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    Sir, shouldn't you be stewing over the College Basketball Preview Magazines?

    I'd refer you to "Smith & Street", "Athalon's", "Windy's" and the creme-de'la' creme, of course I'm referring to the "Massengail-SnapOn Ultimate College Basketball Expert Guide, Review and Accurate Commentary". ALL of which unanimously predict Coach Susan Gunter's Lady Tigers to finish #1 this season. I particularly enjoyed Windy's line about "Coach Susan Gunter has overcome poor assisting coaching, other than Pookie, to lead the Lady Tigers to yet another fantastic season, and much more is to be anticipated". (note the unsubtle jab at saboteur and Mark Emmert mole Bob Starkey!).
    While on that subject, I want to congratulate and celebrate, belatedly, the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Dr. Chet and Coach Susan Gunter. This king and queen of BR have graced the state with a uncompromising sense of class and dignity for 5 decades now as the Beau and Belle of every Louisiana ball. Here's to you two lovebirds, Dr. Chet and Coach Susan! I speak for all of Louisiana and the LSU community when I say I hope your strong commitment to each other and LSU and Louisiana and this nation! continue for many more decades.
    And, please, no comments from those who would cast dispersions about all that is good about LSU and this country, of course that includes TulaneWho, the cyber enigma, and Mr. Sox. On the other hand, I anxiously await the contribution of Sir Biggles who consistently and classily recognized the achievements of Coach Susan Gunter despite the fierce rivalry between his Tulane LadyWavers and Coach Gunter.

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