MSU Defense ranked last in College FB Div 1

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by ramah, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. ramah

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    They surrender 536 yards per game and the lone bright spot is 5 fumble recoveries

    Offensively, they have 300 ypg passing & 175 ypg rushing with Fant as the head of a very productive group.

    They'll be sky-high to play us ... and LSU needs to get out to a hot start and run over them with good ball control offense.

    This team needs to be put away by halftime.

    Source of info ------------------------------------>

    Injuries are nil on either side ... LSU should cover the 13.5 and I agree with Tigah ... get your bets in early ... this line could move to 17 points.
  2. Bengal B

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    With a defense that bad the Moo U offense should at least get a shot at scoring a few points. The reason: LSU will probably score pretty easily on long plays by Addai, Carey, and long scoring strikes Mauck to Clayton, Henderson and Green. In that scenario LSU probably won't eat up a lot of the clock with grind it out drives so the MSU offense should be on the field a bit more than they would be if they had a decent defense (I know, that sounds paradoxical but it can work either way) When Saban decides the game is salted away and emptys the bench it will be LSU's 3rd and 4th team D against the Moo U starters. Of course there is the distinct posiblity that LSU's 3rd and 4th team offense might eat up the clock against MSU's starting defense. Since Nick by now has decided to redshirt both JaMarcus Russell and Matt Flynn that would mean that the Tiger reserves would be led by Marcus Randall at QB. By the way, who is listed 3rd on the depth chart at QB now?
  3. MobileBengal

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    I believe Flynn and Russell are both listed as 3rd. I guess there is such a thing as a tie on the depth chart. I dont know about your assessment of the game. It is very logical and highly probable, but I have a feeling all of our running backs will each see a lot of time. If you remember the game last year, we just ran it up the gut over and over and over because it kept working. I think we will probably only see enough passing to work out the kinks and work on some of the timing throws. When Randall comes in for mop up, he may throw a few passes, just to get the reps.
  4. SpringTiger

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    Sep 5, 2003
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    I agree that the line will go up. Bet on Sports has it at 14 now.

    They've got the odds of LSU winning the BCS Championship game this year at 20-1. But they've got Georgia at 10-1. Does that make any sense???

    Odds of others to win it all:

    Oklahoma 7-2
    Ohio St 5-1
    Miami Fl 5-1
    USC 6-1
    Michigan 13-2
    Florida St 7-1
    Texas 8-1
    Virginia Tech 8-1
    Kansas St 12-1
    Tennessee 12-1
    Notre Dame 20-1 (WHAT???! I suppose some of their fans with more dollars than sense will put some on the domers)
    Pittsburgh 25-1
    Nebraska 25-1
    Arkansas 30-1
    Wisconsin 30-1
    Florida 35-1
    Iowa 40-1
    Colorado 40-1
    Colorado St 40-1
    Arizona St 40-1
    Texas A&M 40-1
    Oregon 45-1
    Purdue 50-1
    Penn St 50-1
    UCLA 50-1
    Oregon St 50-1
    Washington 60-1
    Georgia Tech 60-1
    Washington St 60-1
    Texas Tech 70-1
    Minnesota 70-1
    Boston College 75-1
    Virginia 80-1
    Maryland 100-1
    Fresno St 100-1
    NC State 100-1
    Oklahoma St 100-1
    Illinois 100-1
    S Carolina 100-1
    Syracuse 100-1
    So Miss 100-1
    Hawaii 100-1
    UNLV 150-1
    TCU 150-1
    Mississippi 150-1
    Clemson 150-1
    Auburn 150-1 (Who would put anything on Allburn? Two losses and you're not even in the BCSCG!)

    How about odds to win the SEC?:

    Georgia 2-1
    Tennessee 2-1
    LSU 5-2
    Florida 5-2
    Auburn 4-1
    Arkansas 5-1
    Mississippi 12-1
    South Carolina 15-1
    Mississippi State 30-1
    Kentucky 70-1
    Vanderbilt 100-1

    Again, Georgia given better odds than LSU, but this one makes more sense to me.
  5. TexasTigers

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    Jan 14, 2002
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    I think UGA if we meet again in Atlanta will probably be favored. Lets be honest the Crowd played a role in the outcome of that game.

    I think that is why UGA is favored higher then LSU. LSU was favored solely on home field advantage. But at a neutral site (Atlanta is about as Neutral for UGA as the Super Dome is for us)
    UGA would be favored...

    Geaux Tigers
  6. LSUfan

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    Oct 13, 2002
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    The biggest surprise about that stat is that MSU used to have one of the better D's in the nation. It's amazing how far they have degraded in such a short time. It wasn't that long ago MSU was playing in the SEC title game . . . now they are losing to Houston and Tulane. Amazing.

    I have no doubt in my mind that MSU will be ready to play us Sat, but I really feel our talent is going to be too much for them to handle.
  7. terry cox

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    Sep 11, 2003
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    You probably remember that Jackie Sherrill fired both of his coordinators last year. Joe Lee Dunn was the defensive coordinator when their defense was good. Now they cannot stop anyone.
  8. tigermark

    tigermark Rematches suck!

    Oct 21, 2002
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    I think that it also has to do with them going the Junior college route too much. Hard to have consistancy when the team changes so often.
  9. LSUfan

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    Oct 13, 2002
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    I knew Dunn had left, but I didn't think we would see the difference so soon (you are right though, they can't stop anyone). But I didn't think about the Jr college angle, that is a good point about why this team is playing so poorly.

    I remember Miss St playing with a lot passion when I was at LSU. When I saw the Ore game I was surprised, and couldn't believe how bad they looked on D.

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