My Favorite LSU Tiger's

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by CalcoTiger, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Gulf Coast Tige

    Gulf Coast Tige Freshman

    My favorite current player is Stephen Peterman. He was a TE in high school. He only ran one route, 4 yds and catch the ball. It was funny to watch these 160lb defenders try and tackle him.

    Talking about the Booty's. I remember A LOT of 88 jerseys being sold when Abram was playing. I also remember a lot of cheering whenever he caught the ball and the pa anouncer hollered, "It's Booty Time!!!" Injuries were his problem, not heart.

    Josh's problem was coaching, coaching, coaching.
  2. tigermark

    tigermark Rematches suck!

    Eric Andolsek
  3. tigermojo

    tigermojo Freshman

    Old school: Bert Jones, Carl Otis Trimble, Charles Alexander, Willie Teal, Lyman White, Dalton Hilliard & Gary James, Hokie Gajan (sp), Jesse Myles, Alan Risher, Eric Martin. Sammy White.

    More recent: Herb Tyler, Kevin Faulk, Double-D, Ro, Josh, Brady James.
  4. RiverRidgeTiger

    RiverRidgeTiger Freshman

    Tommy Hodson
  5. StaceyO

    StaceyO Football Turns Me On

    I can't believe I left Bradie James and Domanick Davis off of my list.
  6. tigermojo

    tigermojo Freshman

    I can't believe I spelled it "Brady" instead of Bradie.

    Also, and I almost hate to admit it, but before his psychotic nature became public, I truly loved to watch Cecil the Diesel run. Man that guy could flat bring it. One of the biggest shames in college football.
  7. lsu99

    lsu99 whashappenin

    I guess I'll go with a top-10.

    1. Dalton Hilliard - first favorite player

    2. Josh Reed - ALWAYS seemed to be in the right place, going pro early was the right thing for him

    3. Domanick Davis - Did whatever the coaches wanted and never complained about lack of carries

    4. Bradie James - What a class act and fierce competitor.

    5. Tommy Hodson - Tough as they come, career started off with a bang and then the team struggled.

    6. Herb Tyler - Did anyone get more out of their skills than Herb?

    7. Eric Andolsek - Tragic

    8. Booger - Was in my first class at LSU, seemed like a good guy and knew that the program would turn around.

    9. Kevin Faulk - I always "worshipped" LSU players as a kid, was kind of wierd to compete in high school against Faulk and know him more as a person.

    10. Sammie Martin - Maybe not a Tiger great but was always fun to watch. I remember hearing how he was visiting before signing with LSU and the coaches thought he was someone's dad (already going bald I think).

    Others: Gabe Northern, Chuck Wiley, Kennison, Gillyard, Trev Faulk, Sedrick Wilson, Ron Sancho, Michael Brooks, Cedric Donaldson, Greg Jackson, Todd Kinchen. Hell, I guess I could go on forever. There's a lot of current Tigers that will probably break into my list after their gone (Clayton, Mauck, the young RBs, Lavalais, Peterman, Wilkerson, Spears, Hill, Webster).
  8. LSU FAN 73

    LSU FAN 73 Freshman

    Favorite of all time, Jay Egloff.

    Least Favorite, Jamie Howard.
  9. DeafValleyBatnR

    DeafValleyBatnR Freshman


    Every single player that put on the purple and gold is my favorite. Their is not enough room on this site for me to list all of my favorite LSU players.

  10. StaceyO

    StaceyO Football Turns Me On

    Everytime I see a name like Gabe Northern or Booger McFarland, I wonder why I didn't list them, too.

    It's too hard to pick favorites--especially on this 2003 squad. Usually, there's several players that I think blow plays too often or don't come out with intensity, but I just don't see much of this with our team.

    I've really taken a liking to Skyler Green for this year. He's exciting to watch.

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