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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by barka518, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Well, I'm back in Ohio after a nice Thanksgiving weekend with my family in Mobile. My parents got tickets to the Arkansas game and surprised me with them a few weeks back. Then, my sister who goes to LSU upgraded a ticket for me so I could sit in the student section with her.

    It was my first game of any kind at LSU.

    My reactions...

    1. Walking around campus was absolutely incredible for someone who grew up in Missouri and Ohio. All I ever saw around there was OU, Nebraska, Kansas, Mizzoui, and Ohio State junk. Seeing a sea of purple and gold at the PMAC waiting for the band and team to come down was literally breathe taking.

    2. Coming out of the tunnel and into the stands and seeing the field was awesome. That is a moment I will never forget. I've walked out of plenty of tunnels to see the field/court before at a sporting event, but this was something else. I just home. Like I said, awesome.

    3. My sister usually sits with her friends right by the band. I have been to an Ohio State game and listened to their band up close, and yes they do some pretty cool stuff....but having experienced both it isn't even close. The Golden Band from Tigerland blows them away. Everyone up here hoops and hollers about the OSU band and now I can tell them what a real band sounds like. The pregame at tOSU is pretty cool. Getting to watch the Script Ohio in person is certainly an experience worth having...but it just doesn't compare.

    4. The cheers. I love them. I've been to other college games and they are by all means totally lame compared to LSU! . It just isn't even close. I have too many different emotions about them to be able to sit here and write about them. The best word is just incredible.

    5. The game itself was great to watch. To be able to feel the cheering from the fans in your stomache is just sooo cool. Thats the best way to say it. It's like listening to a song with a great beat and even if you don't really like the song you can't help but tap your foot to it. That's the perfect way to describe it. Even if you're not usually loud outside of the game, you're loud at the game. I watched some people come in who looked like reserved people because I wanted to see if they'd get into the game, and they did. Some of them even louder than the rest. I would bet that people that don't even really care about the Tigers wouldn't be able to keep themselves from yelling with everyone else. That says something.

    6. I had to pee so bad.

    7. Getting to watch my team play as number one was just about all i could ever ask for. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to watch them win as the number one team, but I'll get to that in a second.

    8. The last touchdown in regulation was a joy to watch. I love that they play on the student section side during the fourth quarter. I got a perfect view of everything that was happening. I don't know if I can ever sit anywhere else again.

    9. The first overtime was just bone chilling. On the third down and fourth down play of their first set of downs it was so. loud. I've never yelled so loud in my life, and I couldn't even hear myself. Wow is about all i have to say to that.

    10. And everything just seemed like the team didn't have anymore magic. They just ran out. And so did the fans. You could feel it in the student section, it was like a dwindling flame, and finally Arkansas put it out. I have never experienced such elation and such devastation in a matter of minutes before. I felt depleted after the game. There was just nothing left.

    11. All in all even with the loss it was a worthwhile experience. I'd do it again and I'd watch them lose all over again just to experience that high. Just to sit by my fellow Tiger fan and feel like part of a family 92,000 strong. To all of you who are upset at :milesmic: and wanting him gone and calling out players names, chill. Be happy you're lucky enough to get to be part of something as great as the Tiger family.
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    glad you enjoyed it! You're right...there's nothing like "Saturday Night in Death Valley."
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    I am glad that you had a great time.

    :geaux: :geaux: :geaux: :geaux: :geaux:
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