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    I thought some of you may enjoy the pictures of my garage Graduating from LSU my wife and I moved to Houston for better job opportunities. After being away from home for over ten years we began to miss the things we loved about Louisiana: Family, Friends, Culture, Food and LSU. Despite a higher cost of living and fewer job opportunities, we decided to come back home to the things we love. This required a smaller home, with no space for our LSU gameroom. So we decided to convert the garage into a neighborhood watering hole (i.e. man cave). So as they say “If you build it….they will come”…..and they did! :geaux:
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    Nice "garage" but your website sucks. The only thing clickable on the site is the "donate" button. How odd...... Out to get interest in the site then market it for profit later on? I suggest you go ahead and post your pictures here within the thread for now.
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    i dont even see a link....
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    I removed his link.
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    interesting spam
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  7. Krypto

    Krypto Huh?

  8. HatcherTiger

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    Pardon the pun?:lol:
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    It was nice, but it was not what I expected either. I was looking for something really really impressive.

    I actually have more LSU stuff than he did, I don't have some of the stuff that he had though.:lol:
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    Like.....a donate button?:wink:

    I just sent canned goods and old Tshirts.

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