MY Take from the Tech game and Virginia Tech Fans

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by DeafValleyBatnR, Sep 2, 2002.

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    I was there and let me tell you it was not fun. Oh yes it is very pretty up in Blacksburg I would have to say one of the pretties places and Campuses in the Country. But with that said Virginia Tech is one of the most physical defensive football teams that I have ever seen LSU play. Mauck and the LSU football team is going to be very good because of this game. I do not think anybody we play will be as good as this Defense.

    We are Young at Key positions and when things started going bad they kept getting worse if we were to meet VT later in the year it might be a different story. I also think that our D got tired at times you could see them walking around. I dont know how high up we were but it is in the mountains.

    This was a game that we will be glad we played because of the experince that our players got now we go and play the Citadel and Miami of Ohio should give us another good opponent. Then its MSU another good test before ULL tune up to the Swamp. We will look back and say were glad we went up to the Gobbler Staduim that one player on the VT team said was as loud as anywhere and that 1 VT fan was like 2 Tenn fans LOL.

    NOW let me address the trouble at Virginia Tech. LSU has a rich tradition in our chants TIGER BAIT, T-I-G-E-R-S TIGERS, our songs THE TIGER RAG and DEATH VALLEY and being a part of the football rich SEC. So when we go places Auburn, Bama, Fla, Ole Miss, things are said for fun and to have fun not to start fights. So i guess I understand when Virginia Tech fans do not have these great Tradition like LSU that they get intimidated on the street and the only thing that they can do is " COME ON YOU MF " " COME OVER HERE AND I WILL KICK YOUR ASS" AND STEALING COOLERS FROM LSU FANS IN THE RV'S, STEALING AND DAMAGING PROPERTY OF LSU FANS. I Hope on day that the HOKIES will be mentioned in College football Storied progams with there HOKIE POKIE Halftime Show. But untill that happens you will be JOHNNIE COME LATLEY.
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    Sorry that you had a bad time Saturday night. I was down there until around 11 pm and it looked then like it was all fun and games to me. Both sides fans were having a great time. Didn't see anyone trying to start fights around that time. I bought several LSU fans beers at some of the bars and had some great conversations. I guess as the night wore on and the alcohol continued to flow things must have gotten out of hand.

    I'm guessing the local cops didn't help the situation either. Blacksburg is a fairly small town and the cops get really scared when a situation like Saturday happens that they aren't prepared for.

    Thanks for the comments about the game. You could have left off the Johnny Come Lately remark at the end. We are starting to create some traditions, but after only having a successful program for the last 8 or 9 years, it's gonna take a little time.

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