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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Purple Jungle, Dec 8, 2002.

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    Aug 16, 2002
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    I sitting here working the graveyard shift and listening to sports radio talk about Coach Fran's situation.

    When I first heard about Franchione heading to Texas A&M and the backlash by Alabama fans, my gut reaction was to side with Franchione due to the bleak outlook at Alabama with the possibility of further sanctions. I first thought Alabama fans would just have to swallow a bitter pill and take a hit to their arrogance as their coach defected to "a lesser school."

    After giving it more thought, I understand where the Alabama fans resentment comes from. Although Franchione wasn't the Tide faithful's first choice for the job two years ago, he won their support by landing some top recruits early and shaping a broken team into winners late his first year.

    In my opinion, the most amazing thing that Franchione accomplished at Alabama is the highly-publicized claim that Alabama would try to be the best team in the SEC this year. Because of that, the Tide received nothing but good publicity throughout the year when they were only 10 months removed from NCAA spankings.

    Did Franchione cause the sanctions? No. But when several top candidates stayed away from Tuscaloosa, he accepted the situation when he decided to take the job. He also pleaded with Alabama's upperclassmen to show loyalty to the school when they could've transferred without losing eligibility.

    Franchione's defection is inexcusable because of what is does to further deflate the Tide program. Not only will Alabama have to deal with losses in scholarships, but they'll also have to recover from another coaching change in the most crucial recruiting period in the year.

    I was working for the Reveille when LSU hired Saban away from Michigan State. We got several letters from MSU fans and alumni claiming that Saban was a money-grubber and would eventually leave LSU also.

    While it might be true that Saban could leave LSU shortly, I draw a distinction between his departure from MSU and Franchione's departure from Alabama. Saban inherited MSU when they were on probation and filled the program with top recruits and began to establish the program as a winner. He left the cupboard very full for Bobby Williams.

    Franchione never really unpacked in Alabama and is leaving them in a worse situation than they started in. I expect Franchione to leave A&M (by firing or fleaing) within four years.
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    Jul 22, 2002
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    If he ever gets the chance to go to Texas or Nebraska.....he is outa there!
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    Sep 13, 2002
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    I'm just curious to see what happensif

    A&M should find themselves on probation in a couple of years. Those aggie boosters have been known to throw some money at kids before. I believe that A&M has been on probation a couple of times in the last 15 years.
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    Jan 14, 2002
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    Texas wont hire him now. So it is the NFL or Nebraska. I think this is a very good post. I think the MSU fans were simply sour grapes. I think Saban did all he can do at MSU, and wanted to coach in the SEC which is the best conference in football.

    Personally, I know Bama fans wont understand this but I think he wanted to come back to Texas. He did not like the deep south and the SEC. Sort of like me not liking Texas and wanting to return TO the deep south.

    I dont think it was money, because the contract is not much more AND Bama countered.

    WHo knows I think Bama was tricked a bit, but I really think he just wanted to go back to Texas. Personally I bet he retires there.

    I dont see Saban sticking around more then another few more years.

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