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    To be honest, this is really only the second LSU Basketball game I've been able to watch this season. The first one, oddly enough, was the last game against Kentucky - I think it was televised nationally? Anyway, being in Virginia doesn't really allow me to see games on TV. But I was able to watch the game over the internet, which was great.

    Now that my heart rate has gone back to a somewhat normal level, here are my thoughts:

    I was very impressed with the way we played, especially coming off a big win against Auburn last night. Obviously, players weren't very fresh. But playing the way we did against a team like Kentucky was fantastic. The team kept their composure throughout the game, even with Kentucky having a good lead and never got down on themselves. But, it seems like we were taking way too many rushed shots. I think maybe if we had taken the time to set up more, we could've been more successful. I've never been fully impressed with the play of Tack Minor and honestly think he just wanted to be the hero of the game. That's the way I think he plays - he always wants the ball and he wants all the points. Bass and Davis, while not having high scoring games, still played very well. I think if they stay next season, LSU will certainly be a force to be reckoned with. Davis missing those two free throws I think were just a product of his age: a young freshman in a big game shooting free throws with the game on the line. That would get into anybody's head. As for Brady, I've always thought he was a pretty good coach, when he has the talent. Sure, he's had plenty of missteps, but this season he had the talent on his team to succeed and he has done just that. I also think he has changed a lot this season and the players have really responded.

    Overall, I'm satisfied with the way we played. The team has consistently shown some great character. If they keep it up and keep their minds focused, I have no doubt they'll go far in the Tournament - not necessarily all the way, but the Sweet 16 would sure be nice. And I say again, if we can hang onto Bass and Davis, next season should be one for the ages for LSU basketball. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

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