My thoughts on what went well .. .and didn't.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by onceanlsufan, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Well ....

    While the win was sloppy, .. and we probably didn't deserve to win it ... I'm looking at the positive aspects of this game.

    - Ridley ran for over 100 yards .. again. Dang he is good.

    - While Jarret Lee made an interception, and a mental mistake on the int grounding, ... Lee proved all of you wrong that he sucks as a QB. Passed for 70% and 185 yards ... and made some clutch passes that one expects of a leader. He proved he can move the ball ... and he did just that.

    - The defense played well again. .. but they also found some things to work on. I think it is good for you when you find your weaknesses.

    - Patrick Peterson was disabused of his god complex, that he can return every punt for a touchdown against any team.

    - Our team needs to learn the value of not committing penalties. The run by Ridley that was called back because of holding cost us a score.

    - Turnovers will kill you.

    Hopefully our team learned a lot on this game and can come out and play a good ballgame against FL next week.


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