MyDoom Virus Part II...

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Vincent4Heisman, Jan 29, 2004.

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    alright people. watch your email. MyDoom.A has already been upped by its predecessor MyDoom.B. so all those virus updates you just downloaded will have to be updated again AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    Johannesburg, 29 January 2004] - Anti-virus software vendors warn that a new variant of the aggressive MyDoom Internet worm is on the loose. In addition to harvesting e-mail addresses, the new worm also tries to block infected PCs' access to anti-virus updates and will attack Microsoft and SCO Group Web sites.

    Ryan Price, CEO of the Y3K Group, says the new worm, MyDoom.B, could prove to be one of the “worst ever”. The worm comes only two days after the launch of MyDoom.A, which already accounts for up to 30% of all e-mail traffic globally and is estimated to have generated over 100 million infected e-mails in its first 36 hours.

    “MyDoom.B launches distributed denial of service attacks on both and, and prevents infected machines from accessing anti-virus sites, including,” says Price. “This means that infected machines will not be able to receive anti-virus updates and will therefore result in untold aggravation for network administrators.”

    Price adds that the worm uses the same scrambling technique as the previous variant, ROT13, and shares most of its features. The worm spreads through peer-to-peer networks or arrives in e-mail with subject lines such as: Status, hi, Delivery Error, Mail Delivery System, hello, Error, Server Report or Returned mail. The new variant apparently evades detection measures for the original virus.

    The Removal Tools are located here;
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    I haven't received any suspicious emails yet. I've got Norton antivirus program on my computer. Hopefully it will catch any of them for me.

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