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    Recapping Nate Livings' situation:

    Times-Picayune: <<< An LSU athletic department source said the tutoring of Livings was for fewer than 10 hours and valued at about $40. Most student tutors in the Academic Center are paid between $6 and $8 per hour, according to documents. Livings, who the LSU Registrar's office said first enrolled at the university this spring as a part-time student, had been taking classes he needed in order to be declared eligible. He signed letters-of-intent three times to play at LSU before becoming eligible this semester.In the spring, summer and fall of 2001, Livings enrolled in six classes at the LSU high school independent study department: world geography, both semesters of 10th-grade English, civics, American history first semester and free enterprise.Livings, a 6-foot-5, 300-pound offensive lineman from Lake Charles, was academically ineligible in 2000 and 2001. After Livings failed to make it before the 2001 season, LSU compliance director Bo Bahnsen said Livings could sign a scholarship again in the winter if he qualified, which he did.According to sources, the LSU athletic department has been investigating the Livings situation >>>

    T-P: <<< Among the documents released by LSU relating to its investigation of the Academic Center for Student-Athletes were several pages detailing a similar situation at the University of Arkansas during the summer and fall of 1995. According to documents obtained by The Times-Picayune last week, Arkansas violated NCAA rules when three prospective student-athletes received tutoring at no cost to them. The issue, which was one of a number of NCAA violations, was resolved when the athletes reimbursed the university for the tutoring sessions. >>>

    So let's see. At Arkansas in 1995, prospective athletes got tutoring, broke a NCAA rule, reimbursed the university, and the issue was resolved. Back in 1995. So the T-P & Wright Thompson obtained the documents to this situation at Arkansas last week, and found out about them because LSU is using what happened at Arkansas to show how a similar situation had been resolved seven years ago.

    Nate Livings, in his endeavor to try to educate himself & get academically eligible, got about $40 worth of tutoring which he didn't pay for. Similar situations at Arkansas (and South Carolina for that matter) were resolved when the prospective athletes went and paid for their tutoring.

    So Nate, you owe $40. Pay up. And seriously, high five for continuing to try to educate yourself.

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