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Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by mobius481, Oct 7, 2013.

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    I will not buy commodity futures. The way it works is that half the buyers win and half lose. You have to be more than shrewd, follow it hourly, and be lucky on top of that. But the commodities themselves are a different matter altogether. You still have to be shrewd to buy low and sell high, but they are never worth nothing. I like the way they don't move with the stock market, which helps out during crashes and slumps. I like real estate for the same reason. I keep about 5% each in precious metals and in real estate funds and ETFs. There are times I go to 10%.
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    Nah, I should have been a little more clear. Not looking for penny stocks. May as well go to the casino. Legitimiate investment but not GE either. Something with some real upside. I like the silver idea. I could probably pair that into an ultrashares 3x fund or something and get some real upside potential. My account isn't set up for options so that's not really a possibility.
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    Problem I have with stocks is that someone is selling for a reason, and since I am a dumbass, chances are (99.9%) that person is smarter than me...or at a minimum, knows more.

    But Red is right, the biggest thing in you guys favor is TIME, and compound interest. When you are 45 or 50 EVERYONE knows they should have invested early and let compound interest do its thing. It is maddening to KNOW this, but can't convince my daughters or ANYONE, to forgo a couple of nights out a month, and put $100 a month away. More if you can. Life goes on beyond 40.

    And on, and on and on....but by that time, you will have lost your greatest alley, TIME!
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    Apple is selling at $480 this morning. Experts are rating it a BUY and give it an upside target of $600 within a year and a half. They passed Coca Cola as the "best" brand on the market, is current the biggest tech company in the world, made 40 billion in profits last year (only Exxon/Mobil made more), and have $147 billion in cash reserves (10% of all US corporate cash).

    You could make $100 a share on Apple.

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    good luck trying to get in on an IPO this day and age.
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    I got in heavy when Apple was at 389, just above the 52 week low. I don't do many single stocks, but you can't go wrong with a dividend paying stock with the ratios and cash of Apple. I'm tempted to make another buy now, as nearly all experts are saying it is way under valued, and my own technical analysis, though untrained, says the same.
  7. red55

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    I got in heavy on Apple at $90 and rode it all the way up to $700. The totally unjustified Apple selloff didn't bother me because a drop to under $400 is still a profit for me. I bought more when it reached $420 and I've already made 60 bucks a share on it. I personally think it has an upside target of $800, although I will probably take some profits at $600.

    Apple is far too big for to crash just because Steve Jobs died. New iPads, new Mac's and a new Mac OS are being announced this month on top of the recent new iPhones and iOS 7. Apple TV is about to undergo a serious upgrade. New television/computer/portable device integration tools are coming including a possible cable-TV killer. Apple will continue to innovate and be the best at human interfacing, something Microsoft never got the hang of. Apple's competition nowadays are companies that simply ape everything that Apple does but at lower profit margins.
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    Again, if you are asking for high-risk/high reward, look no further.
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  10. Cajun Sensation

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    There is plenty of value in going long on this stock. JMHO

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