Need a high risk/high reward stock

Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by mobius481, Oct 7, 2013.

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    I just bought a big lot of junk silver coins on ebay. I got 90 dollars of pre 1964 quarters, halves and dimes. I paid $12.70 per dollar face. That is a good value. The gold and silver places are paying 15.50 for each dollar of face value as of this morning, so I could take an immediate 252 dollar profit.
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    Just put all your chips on red.

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    I have a few shares of this one,
    Windstream Holdings, Inc. (WIN)
    Div & Yield:1.00 (12.00%)
    Just a few shares is a Stock Portfolio, yep 12% return. Its at $8.37/share now.

    I don't like just one stock, a couple Mutual Funds I have for the year, have returned 35.31% and 36.64%, RD.

    One of the oldest Mutual Funds is a Franklin Fund, it marks 65 years of delivering income to its Investors. An for the year, its up over 13%.

    Even with the up and downs market, these funds seem to hold up well.

    I tell people to use a Financial Advisor, it has shown over the years, that returns are higher with an advisor, even after expenses. An if your gonna use one, this is a great tool to use.....

    Its a tool to check on an advisor, but like I said, do your homework.

    Some got hung out to dry with the Stanford Group, like I said, do your home work.

    Use caution, sometimes the advisors make more money on your money than you do.

    Best of luck.
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    There is a big writeup on Tesla on page 74 in the Jan 2014 Kiplinger's Magazine.......FYI
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    Yeah, I almost bought that one around 120. It's just so damned expensive though. But I do think they'll do great things. If there's a pull back to 175 or so, I'll probably jump in. Really, it's probably not a bad buy where it's at if you think it's going to be an industry leader in 10 years which it very well could be.
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    $DDD this morning tho
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