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    Does Nestle's so called right to grow market share supercede town control?

    Nestlé and Monsanto are probably the 2 most evil corporations on the planet. Nestlé was denied the right to pipe water to Freysburg because the town voted no. The CEO of Nestlé thinks water should not be a right, but should be sold. So they have sued this town 5 times and lost 4 times, 1 is pending, but if this were Louisiana or North Carolina full of corporatist pigs like Tom Tillis and Bobby Jindal, there is no way a town in one of those 2 states would have won.

    I understand that I have to pay a water bill because of what it takes to get water to run through my house. But you start to look around and laws are popping up that also make it illegal to collect rain water without a permit. How long before we have to pay for the oxygen we breathe? Why does everything on this planet, especially things that are here naturally get a price tag put on it?
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    Kinda my point on a lot of the taxes we pay and this Climate Change crap.

    They tax us because certain so called things are "bad", yet the money evaporates...
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    Wait...what? Illegal to collect rain water? Says who?
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    In a lot of states you have to get a permit to collect rainwater. You have to have the right kind of equipment deemed safe to collect the water.
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    But it's not illegal. I'd imagine it has a lot to do with what your intended purpose is as well. If you just want to put a barrel up and run water through your house or shed or garden I doubt anyone gives a crap. If you start jerking with water tables and building a reservoir then they might care.
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