New Bama player Tony Brown Arrested

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TigerTap, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Maybe we dodged a bullet.....or fire Les Miles he can't control his players.
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  3. LaSalleAve

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    short of rape or murder he will play for Alabama next year.

    What's interesting the crimes are failure to obey and resisting. So this along with his trolling the LSU staff, deceiving his family and sister, sounds like we may have a primadonna here.

    Maybe LSU did dodge a bullet.
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    "He's was just enjoying his visit & wanted go check out ALL of the top notch facilities. Some he may have missed before." - XXL TideFan
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    Bama recruiting 2014 class arrests so far

    D.J. Pettway
    Tony Brown

    Damn, not even signing day yet..
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  6. TwistedTiger

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    I wouldn't throw stones here. However the guy seems to be a real douchebag the way he misled the LSU staff and I don't feel sorry for him or the gumps.
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  8. fanatic

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    I missed this story. How'd he troll the staff?

    No doubt. Didn't they allow one of the players involved in the beat down and robbery of a fellow student back on the team?
  9. TwistedTiger

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    We all know Saban could care less about running a clean program. I mean he hired kiffin didn't he? I was shocked trooper "thug" taylor ended up at arky state instead of bama. However we have had our share of thugs at LSU. bama will sweep it under the rug. He may be suspended for a game against weber state or east idaho prep, but they'll all be cleared and available come SEC play.
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  10. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Yes they did re-sign one of the players involved in that beating/robbery, and from what I heard, Brown had the staff and his family thinking LSU all the way.

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