New "Model" for Drafting Players

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by HatcherTiger, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Think of how many players that are highly regarded that ended up being busts, especially quarterback. And how many players "get their money" and never really give 100% thereafter. What if teams could only draft players initially for two year periods. At that point, ALL of the players would then re-enter the draft ( the regular draft or a special draft) and any team could draft them and pay them what $$$ they deserve. Sure would give there younger players incentive to give it all during those first two years and would potentially cull out some of the busts. I can think of several players that would not have wanted this to be in place after their second year in the league. Never will happen, just a thought.
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    I thought Ricky Williams signed a contract like that with the Saints when he came out of college. Big incentives, he could earn more than most 1st round picks, but to do it, he had to produce numbers. If not, it was less than a typical 1st round pick. He had an agent who had never negotiated an NFL contract, a friend of his. Course nobody ever said Ricky was real smart. He seemed to become frustrated with the Saints as he lived with the contract. Probably he felt he was not making enough because of the franchise, not his own efforts. If you look at the numbers he put up at Miami, he may have been right. Getting his contract re-negotiated was a big deal when he left the Saints.

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