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    Some a worried about it, I'm not that worried. I trust Cam will handle this. Can anyone name this forgotten player from last year? In 2012 he had one reception for 7 yds. and one rush for 0 yds. He finished with 7 All Purpose yards, playing in 9 games.
    In 2013, he had 626 yards rushing, 49 receiving and 45 in KO Returns (Thats 720 total yards). Avg 55 yds per game. Played in all 13 games this year. Without Cam, this guy would have been forgotten. Finished second only to Hill in rushing TD's with 8.

    Cam takes one of the top LB'ers from last years class, an moves him to the other side of the ball. His high school stats:
    Named by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association to the 4A All-State Team as a junior and senior … Earned a four-star rating from and Listed as a Top 300 All-American and the No. 10 inside linebacker by PrepStar … 247sports ranked him as the No. 171 recruit in the nation … Rated No. 176 in the nation and the eighth-best linebacker prospect by Scout … Recorded 78 tackles and an interception as a junior and followed that with 125 tackles as a senior.

    Who will Cam use this year from the incoming class? I see three kids that could be in that group. The Gauge Kid from here in BTR, did everything in high school:

    Tony Upchurch from Pearland outside of Houston, he too did many things on the field in high school:
    An Devin Voorhies:
    Will Cam take 1, 2 or all three to his side of the ball, don't know, but gonna be fun to see what he does.

    Last year was too easy, you had NFL talent at QB, RB and two WR spots, he took that strength and rode it. This year strength as of now is at OL and TE. In the fall all of this will change. The ball distribution will change to match what he has on "his" offense.

    Can't get here soon enough.
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    I thought Upchurch was recruited as a WR, no?
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    Yep, a big WR, but how does Cam use him? Listed anywhere from 6'1" 215#'s, to 6'3" 228. It will be good to see what he comes in at. Was the Shooting Guard on the Basketball Team. On the football team, played RB, Returned Kickoffs, along with the WR spot. A little more......

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    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    In the thread about recruits to watch/predict good things from, I chose Upchurch. He's sort of a sleeper for a lot of us. He's not an attention seeker, is from outside LA, and isn't rated #1 overall or anything like that, so doesn't get much attention. I suspect he'll be a great one when all is said and done. Just a gut feeling.
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    Talking with some of the coaches in the Houston area, you should be right. Played Basketball with the best of them. He keeps growing, like I said, Cam could use him as a WR/TE moved outside, H-Back, too many options. Last year was vanilla, this year we will see more of what Cam wants to do with finding a weakness in the defense, creating mismatches, getting the ball in the play-makers hands, moving people around in formation. Gonna be fun to see him setup a defense.
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    I think we will be pleasantly surprised by next years offense. I like what I see from the Harris kid and I have a hunch that in spite of our youth, Cam will have us ready to play ball. I believe our defense will be greatly improved next year so I don't know that we will need our offense to be like last years........just enough will do.
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    Upchurch is like a Shannon Sharpe in terms of that tweener WR/TE build and skillset.
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    But do we have a QB that can consistently distribute the ball to the playmakers and manage the offense with minimal mistakes?

    Jennings didn't look like that guy in the Bowl game or the Spring Game. I'd feel more comfortable with Harris if he had a redshirt year.

    Disappointed Rettig didn't show more passing skills in the Spring. Hope the passing light comes on for him over the summer.

    I'd feel more comfortable if Rivers were still on the roster in case AJ or BH can't cut it to Cam's satisfaction. No absolutes with either of them. Remember, Cam told the QB's in the Spring that they were going to start running a 1950's offense if they couldn't get it right. That worries me. Lots of potential that may or may not come through in the fall.
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    Bottom line is that LSU will have a rookie QB starting....I'm gonna wait and see what happens before I jump on board. It's a big leap when you're facfing SEC west defenses week after week.

    I'm hoping for the best....just on wait and see standby.
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