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    When you talk about doing it up right, it doesn't get mo' righter than this channel.

    What I am flabbergasted by is how they pulled off airing this channel with the regular networks (Fox, CBS) not raising holy hell. Not to mention DirecTV with their NFL package.

    Sunday I got 2 games on TV (Indy/Cheifs and Titans/Cowboys) and after about a half hour of flipping channels between those 2 games and NFL Redzone, I had to ask myself "what the hell am I doing"? I set the channel to NFL Redzone for the remainder of the day (next 6 hours, basically). I was in fantasy football heaven. They execute the design to perfection. They even split screen two games at a time when critical plays on going on simultaneously.

    This station is going to hurt viewership of the regular network games as well as the sales of DirecTV NFL package.

    I bet we have some lawsuits down the line. It's bound to happen.

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