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    Oct 24, 2001
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    I only saw a couple of clips from his outburst yesterday. That probably wasn't a good way to make a point. There have been a few quotes of his in the past that should have drawn national media scrutiny but haven't. This seems like it was just Nolan getting mad at local media. Who doesn't? Does anyone out there remember any specifics about some of his comments made in prior years? I can't remember exactly what I read, but have seen quotes of his that I thought deserved more of a backlash than this incident (at least one race related).
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    Not Exactly

    I cant remember exacly but it was something like I am a Black man and my Grandfather came over on the boat and I did not, and you are not going to treat me like you did those folkes. Basically he said the same thing that he said in Brandon Deans house the night he had an in house visit. Its all about Race and They Should Fire his ASS.

    I was not in Brandon's House that night but I know who was.

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    The moral to this story is that if a white coach from a place like Indiana or Texas Tech goes off on some reporters, he deserves to be fired. When said coach is eventually let go, the school was just ridding itself of a problem. If a black guy makes some statements that are bad, it's his right because he has won a lot of games. When he does get fired, the school is full of racist. It couldn't be that the guy was just a big jerk.

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