Notes on the QB derby from Saban

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by cajdav1, Mar 30, 2004.

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    Dec 26, 2003
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    I think it is important for all of the Randall bashers to read that the guy knows his shortcomings and is working hard on them. Also of note is that Saban is not going to hand the job to anybody.


    On Randall, Saban said, "Marcus made a tremendous amount of improvement when he played two years ago. Those experiences helped him a lot. ... I see a difference in him on terms of how he goes about his preparation on a day-to-day basis. He spends more time watching film, studying the game, understanding what's going on. ...

    "But I still think that the talent of some of the other guys has been impressive so far. Their knowledge and experience is not what Marcus' is. So we've got to give them some time to go through the process. It'll be interesting to see how they perform under fire. In the spring, a scrimmage is as much fire as they'll get. That doesn't mean they'll be ready for the game. It's just another step in that direction."

    Saban said all three will get reps, "maybe not with the ones, but with good people," when the team scrimmages Friday.

    For his part, Randall said he's been working on game management and being a leader.

    On the derby, Randall said, "I'm just letting it come to me. I'm just going hard, practicing hard each day, trying to learn more, basically just stay calm and have fun. ... This is the best I've felt ever coming in. I feel like I know the system. The reads are coming to me better. The game is slowing down to me."
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    Whether Randall starts or not, he is good for this football program. He could have easily given up and transferred a long time ago ... shows alot of character to hang in there and battle to the end. He understands his weaknesses and is working hard to correct them.

    It's hard not to root for him to be successful!
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    Sounds a lot like Mauck a year ago.
  4. 65Grad

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    Feb 5, 2003
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    I'm rooting for all three. I don't care who the starting quarterback is because he will be the best we've got. The better all three get, the better our starter will be. I think another NC is not out of the question this year. We will need some luck (minimum # of injuries) and some young players stepping up. But, think about this.....if we should win another NC this year than what will we be like in 2005? Gives one goose bumps doesn't it? :grin: :geaux:
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    We are winning another NC and that is final - no more discussion about us not defending our title. That Sugar Bowl was just too, too fun for us not to do it again.
  6. DJ

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    I agree. Every one of these guys is a quality guy and deserving of the support of LSU fans, regardless of who ultimately wins the starting job.
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    i wasnt able to get tickets to sugarbowl, your insensitive comment about having fun there has made us enemies, see ya soon.

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