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    A very good read:

    As Notre Dame's TV Money Dwindles, So Too Should Its Independence -- NCAA Football FanHouse

    And I quote:

    "For example, Syracuse, a member of the Big East for football and basketball, took in just $4.7 million from the Big East in 2007. Even assuming that Notre Dame gets half of this number (which it likely doesn't, because football floats the boat in college athletics), Notre Dame's television and shared Big East conference revenue in 2009 will be, at best, $11.35 million.

    Why's that number important? Because in 2008, every school in the Big Ten will clear north of $15 million from the conference, a number that will only increase in years to come. Every school in the SEC will bank, conservatively, $17 million. (Looking at the numbers it's likely the SEC will hit $20 million within a couple of years.) The reason for these increases is simple, spiraling television money. The Big Ten Network distributed $7.5 million to each conference school last year, and in conjunction with the 10-year, $1-billion deal that the Big Ten signed with ABC/ESPN, there's a whole lot of new television money floating around. Let me repeat that, the Big Ten Network alone has almost equaled the payout for Notre Dame's sacrosanct contract with NBC.

    Every team in the SEC has also eclipsed Notre Dame since signing a new $3-billion contract with CBS and ESPN that tripled existing rights fees ($2.25 billion reportedly comes from ESPN, while the CBS deal is $825 million). Throw in that Notre Dame now nets just $4.5 million for an appearance in a BCS game (against $1.3 million each year if it doesn't go to a BCS bowl) and you're looking at a financial mountain that is becoming increasingly uphill for Notre Dame. Television revenue at most conferences is rapidly accelerating while at Notre Dame it's staying the same. Where once the Fighting Irish were king of the television universe, conference affiliation deals are now lapping the Irish."

    Screw 'em (can I say that on here?)
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    We prefer it if you do.
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    Vandy making more than Notre Dame is hilarious.

    NBC was really pressing ND hard during the last contract negotiations for night games. Their ratings have gone south and advertisers are not paying top dollar to be part of the ND package anymore. In the end NBC had no choice but to re-up with ND. They have no other college football in their lineup along with no baseball and no basketball.

    ND will always be what they are but when put into perspective this is pretty funny.
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    Not that i wouldnt love to see ND have to go crawling to the big ten for football (and that confrence get its head out f its a$$ and have a championship game), here's a very good rebuttal about why that wont happen.

    You'll Pry Notre Dame's Independence Out Of Its Cold, Dead Hands

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    Notre Dame has been on NBC for 19 years?

    "but there is zero doubt that a colossal rewriting of collegiate athletics has occurred in the 19 years since the Irish and NBC first became television partners".

    I didn't realize it had been that long. Then again, I guess time flies when you don't waste any watching Notre Dame on TV.
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    I agree. ND is not any closer to joining the Big 10. I think the main point in that original article is ND's TV contract is not as lucrative as it once when compared to the recent deals. Many schools are raking in more money then they are. They are still getting good money but it isnt close to SEC money. If they have to pay that huge buyout and go for a coach like Meyer or Saban it will eat up their dollars in a hurry.
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    notre dame should be forced to join a conference or be excluded from any post season games.
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    ND should be threated as CUSA or any other school. If you can't share----don't expect "special" treatment".............You play 2 or 3 "real" games.....Heck/////OM can beat the military schools......MAYBE:lol::lol::lol:
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    “Oh, Fortuna, you wretch!”

    John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces

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