Now it feels good to be 6-1 and in the Top 10!

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TigerCliff, Oct 25, 2009.

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    We have our QB for the few years that will allow the other young QBs to grow up in the system. The RP problem caused by loosing our seasoned QB has been fixed. I saw all I needed to see with JJ against a awful Defense but I saw what I have wanted to see. Our QB take the game over and be a leader.

    His fumble run was awful but it happens! He protects the ball as well as any QB we have had almost to a fault. By getting the ball down the field and the catch by RR was amazing. The run by RS was amazing! Look at the future and think what could happen this year. LSU could win out and win the SEC!

    I think we could be in the picture for the BCS game but who cares! We can't control what happens to go to the big dance but we can win the SEC!!!

    Bama is closing in on it's self but like LSU they could find themselves on O!

    We have one more tune up game against Tulane and I would rather be playing Tulane to keep working and allow JJ to keep growing.

    Bama will know they are in trouble and the same game plan from last year minus pick 6's and int is all it will take to take Bama down.

    This game was a tilt game for Les and it all tilted his way!!! :miles: The mad hatter will be in Baton Rouge for a while!! Get use to him all you CLM hatters but I must say this board did well in a dark moment standing behind the coach.

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    Coming into this game, Auburn's D was #72 in total yards allowed/game, while our offense was #112 in total yards gained/game.

    We did pretty good:

    Yards allowed by Auburn's D so far this season
    509 -- West Virginia
    495 -- Arkansas
    410 -- Tennessee
    376 -- LSU (Crowton and Jordan Jefferson)
    357 -- Kentucky
    297 -- Miss State
    260 -- Ball State
    245 -- La Tech

    Points allowed by Auburn's D so far this season
    44 -- Arkansas
    31 -- LSU (Crowton and Jordan Jefferson))
    30 -- West Virginia
    30 -- Ball State
    24 -- Miss State
    22 -- Tennessee
    21 -- Kentucky
    13 -- La. Tech

    Also, coming into this game, Auburn had a GREAT offense (the #2 offense in the SEC and the #8 offense in the NCAA -- 464.9 ypg compared to #1 in the SEC/#6 in the NCAA Florida's 470.5 ypg).

    Yards gained by Auburn offense so far this season:
    589 -- Miss St
    560 -- Ball St
    556 -- La Tech
    459 -- Tennesee (Monte Kiffin)
    400 -- West Virginia
    375 -- Arkansas
    315 -- Kentucky
    193 -- LSU (The Chief)

    Points scored by Auburn offense so far this season:
    54 -- Ball St
    49 -- Miss St
    41 -- West Virginia
    37 -- La Tech
    26 -- Tennessee (Monte Kiffin)
    23 -- Arkansas
    14 -- Kentucky
    10 -- LSU (The Chief)
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    It does feel good being #9 after that kind of if we keep this up through the conference championship and with either a Texas or USC loss and we have to be in. One game at a time.
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    Except when he scampers on a busted play. There were several times when he ran with the ball in one hand once he was beyond the line of scrimmage. I'd like to see him tuck the ball on a tuck a run more. It made me a little uncomfortable to see him hold the ball in one hand while running. Even on plays near the goal line, I'd prefer to see a two-handed dive toward the pylon than a one-handed flail.

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