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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Bengal B, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. uscvball

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    My problem with this is that two Americans, a doctor and a nurse who had been working with the missionary group Serving in Mission to make sure health care workers didn't contract Ebola, came down with the virus herself. If it's so hard to contract, how did two people with training, education, and strict protocol, manage to get it?

    On a lighter note as we compare palliative care between Africa and the US, Nancy Writebol's husband had this to say about his wife's return to America..."there have been "slight improvements" in his wife's condition since she's come to Atlanta. One plus for her? She asked for a coffee from Starbucks and got it -- something that wouldn't have been possible in Liberia. " Of course! That's it! All we need to do is mainline a caramel macchiatto and the survival rate should improve!
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  2. gumborue

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    your post still doesn't read like humor.
  3. gumborue

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    they weren't there (at least Brantley wasnt) for Ebola, he got there before the outbreak was in Liberia.

    how did they contract it? thats the $64k? the best guess is that they were over worked and messed up. I'm sure an in-depth report will be coming out of mmwr soon.
  4. Bengal B

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    That was two weeks ago. Are you a little "slow"?
  5. uscvball

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    He had been there for some time, yes. He and his wife made the choice to stay, knowing he would be treating Ebola patients. A miracle of sorts that his wife and children headed to America for a wedding 3 days before the onset of his symptoms. What would the sentiment be if they had contracted ebola?

    The biggest question now is...will he return to the region to continue treating Ebola patients?
  6. Winston1

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    He is recovered from the disease and now immune. He could bath in Ebola virus and not get sick.
  7. uscvball

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    Well at least one of 5 strains, that is. There are 5 and he had just one of them.

    Seriously though, researchers say survivors are "likely" immune to the strain they were infected with but there is no guarantee. Would you put yourself back in the line of fire so to speak? I sure as hell wouldn't. Especially with a wife and young children depending on you.
  8. gumborue

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    what isnt mentioned much is that EBOV can remain in semen for 12 weeks after recovery.
  9. uscvball

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    Vaginal fluid as well.
  10. gumborue

    gumborue Painfully Pessimistic

    wouldn't surprise me, but i haven't seen that data.

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