Obamacare Implementation Status

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by lsutiga, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. LSUpride123

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    Bulletproof? HA

    We will see. The NSA isn't bullet proof, this site isn't.

    #1 factor, humans.
  2. mancha

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    I hear that Obama is pushing immigration reform with an online application web site. I don't think anti immigrationers have anything to worry about.
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    I'm going to be sending about 5 grand more on health insurance next year... if I actually end up getting insurance. I may just self insure and not pay the fine. Based on te past three years the money in my HSA should be able to cover 3-5 years of my families medical expenses.
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    what are you basing this on? insurance agent? healthcare.gov?
  5. red55

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    Mine went down $76 annually, so we equal each other out. :D

    The solution is to get everyone on group rates.
  6. LSUsupaFan

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    I have never been able to log into healthcare.gov, so I am basing it on what my agent told me cross checked with the simulator from kff.org.

    My current plan is considered catostrophic coverage. The deductible is very high, it only covers our wellness care before the deductible is met, and it doesn't include maternity coverage. I can't stay in this plan because I am over thirty. I don't need maternity coverage, and if my wife did get pregnant we could cashflow the care, and our coverage would take over if something were to go wrong during delivery.

    So I can either buy a much more expensive plan, with no subsidy, or I can roll the dice.
  7. LSUsupaFan

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    That is what the exchange is supposed to accomplish. The problem isn't the single vs group rate deal. It is that Barrack and Congress said the plan that I have been on since I became completely self employed, the one I like, and the one that works best for my family isn't good enough. We "need" a lower deductible, and 15 dollar co-pays, and tons o other bells and whistles that I don't need or want. I am fine paying out of pocket when my kid gets strep or an ear infection, knowing that insurance will come to bat for me if I get cancer.
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  9. MLUTiger

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    It's not just a website. A website costs a couple thousand dollars. We're talking servers that can hold up to millions of hits a day, databases that interact with other exchanges, users, etc., provide security that's guaranteed to never go down and always be bulletproof, etc. $300 million is probably a bargain. I just read an article about the exchange the state of Washington set up for it's citizens and it ran about $115 million.

    Again, this isn't just a website...
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    Hooray for one-off scenarios and anecdotal evidence!

    It's the last bastion of someone desperately clinging to be right, refusing to look at the evidence and instead looking for evidence that supports his (or her) previously determined worldview.
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