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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by lsutiga, Oct 21, 2013.

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    Obviously you cling to the left wing Obama propaganda and don't broaden your research. There are many articles over the last several months from many sources. This should cheer even supporters of Obamacare. Whether AHCA succeeds or fails will depend on actually lowering the cost of each patient event. It is only through real competition that this will happen. My fear is that the AHCA will not change that dynamic and instead be like traditional medicare and health insurance and create a false market where artificial rate setting will only grow real cost as has happened over the last 40 years. The adding of previously uninsured healthy will more than likely create a surplus that will reduce the incentive to make the changes required to have true long term success.

    Rather than clinging to what you want to believe look at the real basis of the increase in health care costs and find a way to change the equation.
  2. MLUTiger

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    What I believe is that you don't understand what "one-off scenarios and anecdotal evidence" means...
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    I understand those meanings and understand that they add up to trends and if you can recognize a positive and enhance it you become successful. Waiting for statistics to confirm something is what followers do. Leaders recognize and act on such evidence.
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    Winner. The alleged discounts only work based on projected membership. With a catastrophic launch, they will likely never meet the discount.....because now they will need more money to fix the mountainous issues.

    But let's review a few things. One of Obama's campaign cornerstones included the building of American jobs. Bain Capital was the devil for outsourcing. No bid contracts were the hallmark of cronyism and right wing friendships. Transparency....we must have it. The truth?

    CGI Federal, the company that "built" this joke of a website, is a subsidiary of CGI Group, a CANADIAN company. Since 2009, this administration has bestowed CGI with $1.4B in federal contracts. CGI did not have experience in developing or deploying web portals. CGI was fired by Ontario healthcare officials for missing 3 years of deadlines. Another CGI subsidiary failed to deliver on two contracts to the state of Hawaii's (lol) new health exchange and tax collection system. Hawaii experienced immediate problems at launch....sound familiar? Meanwhile the state of Vermont experienced the exact same problems this summer. 21 missed deadlines this summer alone and a $125,00 a day penalty in place. And yet somehow CGI earned a NO BID contract.

    A classmate of Michelle Obama at Princeton, Toni Townes-Whitley, happens to be a senior VP at CGI Federal. You can't make this stuff up. And who will now fix all this? A former Bain consultant, Jeffrey Zients. I thought Bain represented what was the root of evil, the "vulture capitalists".

    And the ultimate insult? Sebelius saying that the people calling for her to resign are "people who I don't work for". Guess what beyotch, you work for ME! And your dumb azz should have resigned before you opened your pie hole with such a stupid comment.

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    That's what I was trying to splain in my third post of this thread. Not sure it they got it.
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    I'm one of those that still holds firm, to the belief, govt works for the people. All politicians work for me. Not the other way around. I will not sign up for anything that politicians exempt themselves from.
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    Fixed it for you...
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    Lets see stupid people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton.....need I give you more examples? How about Zuckerberg, Edwin Edwards they are everywhere in history sport. They are the ones who do great things.
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    You think those people just jumped off half-cocked without some serious data to support their ideas?
  10. gyver

    gyver Rely on yourself not on others.

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