Observations on the Cotton Bowl and the Season

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Sabertooth, Jan 1, 2003.

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    I have one word – Roy Williams. He was solely responsible for three of there five scores. Nick Saban knew it was a big miss match during the weeks leading up to the game. That is why your best receiver is splitting time at defensive back. LSU limited him to five touches the whole game however three of his touches were big plays - two for TDs and one 70+ yard reception leading to a TD.

    Rodney Reed was having a difficult time handling Cory Redding for Texas. He had constant pressure on Randall most of the game. He was responsible for causing the fumble in the first quarter that resulted in Texas’ first TD. He was also responsible for several good plays for losses on running plays. LSU was basically inept running the ball on the right side. Most of their success came from running up the middle and to the left side of the line.

    LSU’s pass rush with their front four was disappointing. The book was out on Chrissie Simms – apply pressure and he is very inconsistent. The few times LSU pressured Chrissie either through blitzes or schemes (never with just their front four), Simms was rattled. You can just blitz so many times leaving your corners on islands against Texas especially when Roy Williams is one the receivers running loose. That is why it was key that LSU get pressure with their front four and they did not.

    Marcus Randall received a 2003 nomination for outstanding actor award for his role in portraying the part of Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. Randall played the role of Dr Jeckyl perfectly in the first half leading LSU to 17 first half points executing the offense very well. The second half Mr. Hyde performance was just as good as Randall had trouble hitting the board side of a barn with the football. In LSU last three possessions in which they primarily ran two-minute offense, he had problem just completing a pass. That is bad if you can’t complete a pass in a two-minute type offense. He missed several wide-open receivers in the second half. Randall has major problems throwing the ball downfield pass 10 yards when he stands in the pocket. He is more effective throwing the ball on the run rolling out of the pocket. Randall has some major mechanic problems throwing the ball. At times, it looks like he is almost shot putting the ball. He short arms his throws a majority of the time. LSU offensive success came in the first half by keeping Texas off-balance with quick short passes and a good blend of run-pass. All this resulted because LSU have the benefits of what Saban would call good down and distances on several occasions.

    How many people are tired of seeing Jack Hunt play the role of an on the field tackling dummy? LSU needs help at this position next year – bottom line. I have nothing against Jack Hunt because Saban is putting the best he has back there. Hunt is in the right position most of the time but is not physical enough to play that particular position on the team. He just does not possess the ability to tackle, which is vital for that position on defense.

    All in all, I have to be happy with the 2002 LSU football season. We suffered several key injuries and fought through it. We can only play the What-if scenario. What-if Matt Mauck does not get hurt. What-if Damien James does no go AWOL? My expectations coming into the season was a 9-3 regular season with hopes of returning to Atlanta. LSU was one miracle last second drive in Arkansas away from that.

    Geaux Tigers!

    Let’s get ready for basketball season and cheer the Tigers on.
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    I agree on Jack Hunt, He seems to have a lot of heart, but I to am tired of seeing him dance around piles, run after WR's and miss tackles.

    The Loss of James was a big a hit as Mauck.
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    If Hunt can't tackle

    why was he one of the second leading tacklers in the game? Why does he have more tackles than D. James had starting more games than Hunt? Why is a safety having to make so many tackles, anyway??? Why aren't these guys being stopped before the safety has to make the tackle? And, why are our corners afraid to make a stop? Have you noticed Hookfin and Webster back pedaling, faking a block in order to avoid making a hit???? I agree Hunt needs to put on 10-15 lbs, but he knows the defense and none of the other DB's can learn the extensive defense that Saban runs. Hunt has switched positions, learned an extremely difficult defensive scheme, and can play it better than the other DB's that have been playing the position for years???????? Give the guy a little credit. It's pretty pitiful the way some of these people talk to much about things they know so little about.

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