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    Not being in Baton Rouge and having to rely on the internet for LSU practice reports I was not prepared for the performance of the offense. I really expected LSU's passing offense to move towards a variant of the West Coast offense this year. Having guys like Carey, Henderson, and Davis who are very good in the open field and having plays designed to hit them on the run and in open spaces letting them make people miss was how I thought the offense would be this year. When you add Clayton, Robinson, and Myers you have proven receivers that still forces defenses to respect deap routes. Also the respect of the deep routes would allow LSU run the other receivers underneath and again hit them on the run.
    I do not think Mack is going to be succesful sitting back in the shotgun and looking for receivers 25 yards down the field. Also right now the receivers are not getting open like Josh Reid could, so there needs to more designs to get specific people open(crossing routes, running receivers underneath, swing passes, screen passes). Mauk should not be making plays like Rohan. He just needs to get the ball to people and given them a chance to make plays. We cannot be a quick strike offense this year, We need to take what the defense gives us and get big plays by someone breaking a tackle or two in the open field.
    We gave up on Toefield in the first half after his fumble. Our power running game is the one thing I would never want to change to a West Coast offense.
    I do think we will be better because of this game.

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