Official 2014 LSU Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by islstl, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Some good news. Godchaux and McDowell received their offers yesterdays. Both are candidates to committ anytime now. Maybe that gets the instate ball rolling a little bit.
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    Also, LSU has offered and may become a player for 5-star DE K. Street out of North Carolina.
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    I updated the first page, including the rivals top 250 gets.
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    Cam Robinson is actually now down from 50 % to 45 %. That's fine, it's too early to call anyway.

    Brandon Harris deciding a week from now is more important to see the trending. He is now up to 76 % from 67% just a couple of weeks ago.
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    60 of the first 141 players in the top Rivals 250 who have committed are to SEC schools.

    If you figure the 6 BCS conferences plus maybe clump the rest of the conferences together as a 7th "equal" option, you would figure out of 140 commitments, you would get in the vacinity of 20 of them (1/7th). The SEC has TRIPLED that number.

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    SEC = 60
    ACC = 25
    Big 10 = 19
    Big 12 = 16
    PAC-12 = 12
    American Athletic = 3 (formerly the Big East)
    All other = 6
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