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Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by mctiger, Jan 24, 2024.

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    Never too early, right?

    So, QB Julian Lewis of Georgia (USC commit) has reclassified to the 2025 class rather than '26. He was's top prospect for '26 and with his reclassification, their top 5 now includes

    Nola St. Aug Jahkeem Stewart - #1 DL, #1 overall
    BR Catholic Blaine Bradford - #1 safety, #4 overall
    BR University Lamar Brown - #1 interior offensive line, #5 overall

    on3 currently projects Bradford (96%) and Brown (96%) overwhemlingly leaning LSU, and Stewart as a slight lean to Bama (35%, to LSU 25%).

    BTW, Lewis enters '25 class as on3's #10 overall prospect, not supplanting Bryce Underwood.
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    Way too early for me. It seems that there has been more upheaval in cfb than I ever remember. Our coaching changes, the portal, Saban hanging it up, and now Harbaugh. Bring on college baseball and let my football brain hibernate.
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