Ok, I apologize to LSU fans....there are crazier people....

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by flabengal, Nov 16, 2009.

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    Having just read the ridiculous article written in this weeks cfn "5 Thoughts" column I now realize that being a passionate, well informed college football fan has nothing to do with being in touch with reality. (I usually love these guys, for the record.)

    I have included a link below but here is the most egregious part of the article:


    Please do yourself a favor and read the entire article and then sit back and think a minute about what has happened to people in this culture. In a word it is now all "backasswards" and I don't think there is any hope to change it.

    So let me leave you with this small observation about the Notre Dame football program:

    'Dear Jimmy,

    Newsflash, you are not in charge. Period. And neither are any one of you primadona jock-head morons that think you **** marble. All of you are replaceable and hopefully a whole helluva lot of you, including your incompetent coach and hopefully soon.'
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    i actually agree with them, I think Weis should be back for at least another year. He has recruited some really good skill position players, he just has no defensive skill.
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    i hope you realize that this is a fictional quote. jimmy didnt really say this.

    if you did realize that, then i dont get the point of your post.

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