Ok... So what is good about this program?

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    Well... at least they have experience. If the light goes on for Lee or Jefferson, then either could be all-sec (I think Lee actually has more upside).

    Murphy is an x-factor. I believe that if the holes are there, this guy can be a homerun hitter. Ridley doesn't convince me, but if Shepard's place is at RB, get about 20 lbs. on his in the offseason and he could be the next Reggie Bush (college version).

    The most important person in the backfield could be Dominique Allen. Not having a decent FB has killed LSU's running game this year. Many of the players say that DA is a beast and hopefully he has the tools upstairs to play fullback (which is a much more mentally tough position than most people know... probably the same people who think linemen are dumb).

    Toliver is an underachiever. Lafell was an underachiever (we all remember the dropped passes) and has become a fan favorite for his playmaking ability. Hopefully the light will come on for Toliver as well.

    On the bright side, Rueben Randle will be an all-star for the next two years at LSU... unfortunately he will be off making millions after his jr. year.

    I'm very curious about Chris Tolliver. He was very highly rated out of high school and recieved a redshirt this year. Haven't heard anything about his performance in practice though.

    Moving Deangelo Peterson to TE was a great move. I think moving an oversized WR to TE is an underutilized strategy. The big question here is, "Will the coaching staff actually use the tightend?"

    I see an addition by subtraction here. Chris Faulk will replace Ciron Black at OT. You lose experience but gain size (Faulk is an inch taller and the same weight... by next year he should be bigger than Black). Barksdale will move over to the LT position. Dworaczyk will be a junior. Hopefull he can get up over 290 before next year. Alex Hurst is a beast and will be a major upgrade over Lyle Hitt.

    T-Bob is a worry. He got mainhandled all season. He is undersized and doesn't seem to have great instincts. I'd like to see Lonergan get an oppurtunity at the start.

    I've heard and read all over that DL will be even worse next year. I disagree. Drake Nevis and Josh Downs on the inside will bring LSU back to being DL-U.

    At DE Levingston will return as a senior. He is not, however, the best guy for the position. Chancy Aghayere and Lavar Edwards will be back as sophomores and they are the future for LSU at the DE spot.

    Kelvin Sheppard... thats about it.

    Peterson. All-World and his last season at LSU. Jai Eugene will probably be on the otherside and echoes of "Hookfin" will be ringing in our ears...

    Morris Claiborne is intriguing here. Everyone around the team says he is a very, very, very good CB. I can see him taking that #2 spot, or at least being the swingman next year.

    Everyone else at CB... who knows? Do you?

    Will Chad Jones come back? Will he be gone this spring or this summer (football or baseball)? I seem to remember a quote from him during his recruiting... "Baseball is my first love." I have a sneaking suspicion that we have seem the last of Chad Jones in a Tiger Football uniform... Just my guess...

    We have Loston coming in next year. I do not believe he will be ready to run the defensive backfield (which is essentially what a FS does), but I do expect to see him as the third safety (LSU nickel). Brandon Taylor has another year of experience... so thats something at least.

    Francois has been on the field a lot as a special teamer. He has the game experience, and he should be ready to contribute more on defense.

    What does all of this mean? It means LSU has the potential to be a very, very solid team next year. The big question mark is coaching. Will Gary Crowton be there next year? If so, then all of the offensive talent is for naught. Will Chavis let the defense get out of the prevent? If not, then.. well.. yeah...

    And will someone buy :miles: a watch?

    I've been watching "Heartbreak Ridge" while typign this... so... If I rambled, then.. Oh well...

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