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    12. Ole Miss: Didn't have much to start with and what they had they lost to graduation.

    11. Alabama: Lost 2 of the top three scoreres but bring in some height in recruits.

    10. South carolina: Jocelyn penn returns and UC returns to bottom of SEC. Loss of Geter and especially Gortman too much to handle.

    9. Auburn: Several returners from a well-balanced team return.

    8. Kentucky; Good nucleus around which to build. Helm provides an insid presence and Adams and pott provide outside support

    7. Florida: Losing McCain was tough but hayden returns after an outstanding freshman year and she should get support from Berniece mosby around the basket.

    6. Vanderbilt: Anderson has the rep for being the best big girl, but Zuzi's graduation will really hit home. Ashley Mc is going to have to pick it up offensivley especially with Ashley Earley going down with ACL. Weak in the paint.

    5. Mississippi State: Thomas, the most prolific scorere in the conference returns and will be supproted by Tan White, the 3rd most prolific player int he conference. Another scoring option needs to be found to repalce Fambrough.

    4. Georgia: The most potent inside attack will be augmented by two highly recruited guards. Once Kendrick and Baker feel comfortable in the drivers seat, watch out.

    3. Arkansas: Arkansas returns its offense and also should benefit from highly sought after recruit, Ruby Vaden. Anderson, India and Lewis will pace this team whcih should be greatly imporved over last year.

    2. Tennesee: With All-Americans up and down the roster, Tenn. just seems to underachieve. Graduation and transfers have hit this program and to say their is not a great deal of uncertainty surroundeing these Vols would not be truthful. But, that said, they still dominated the SEC last year and as long as Kara Lawson is around, they will be near the top again.

    1. LSU: Everybody is back and healthy. And they have Augustus.

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