Oregon hires new Head Coach

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    I do have to chuckle about "unwritten rules". It's not a gentleman's game and he did stir it up. Why? I don't know. He's young, brash, egotistical, even a bit uncomfortable in his own skin. I can't say that I even understand why he took the UT job. It was a bad fit from the start in every conceivable way. Why do so many SEC fans tolerate someone like Spurrier?

    Distractions were not the problem. He played favorites, just like PC and it bit him in the arse just like it did PC. He stuck with guys like Walker (the idiot who stood there when Barkley got throttled) instead of giving Graf a shot on that side. He went with Marquise too often....now Marquise has a big head and Woods couldn't get out of Dodge fast enough. He often tried to force last second audibles which resulted in numerous delay penalties. Barkley, as a 4 year starter, did not have permission to spike. Control freak who over analyzed everything. All he needed to do was dump that stupid laminated play poster, come in with a general game plan for each team, and adjust at the half.

    Very frustrating.
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    Tennessee is a sleeping giant, waiting for the right coach. He thought he was the man, but he was not.

    They didn't when he was at Florida. He was the most hated man in the SEC in the 90's. Since he came back to Carolina, he has mellowed an awful lot . . . older and wiser.
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    I laughed outloud reading this. So true!

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