OU Deserves part of the National Title

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Sourdoughman, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Sourdoughman

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    Oct 11, 2003
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    I declare this is the year where everyone should get what they want because God knows we've heard more than enough whinning already this year, enough is enough.

    God knows Bob Stoops has worked so hard and deserves part of
    the National title for the best team of all time.

    I think Bob Stoops should share part of coach of the year too.

    But I think part of OU's title 2 years ago should go to the runner
    up, God knows thier coach and team worked hard and deserved
    to win 2 years ago!

    I declare the Best LSU basketball team of all time,(talent wise).
    National Champions.......
    Congratulations Shaq, Cj, Vernel , Harold, Stanley, Maurice, Mike,
    Randy, Wayne, Rich............

    I also declare the LSU basketball team 1989 National Champions
    I believe thats the year CJ and a few good men beat #1 Georgetown in the Super dome.

    Wasn't that a Championship game?
    It was in the Superdome and we beat #1 team?

    Dale Brown deserved Coach of the year for beating a #1 team with
    this team alone.

    No offense coach Brady but I do miss seeing Coach Brown on the

    I also declare the LSU football team 1997 National Champions
    We beat #1 Florida at home and all the announcers could talk about is that they would've beat us on the road dispite us winning this game.

    God knows, Gerry Denardo worked hard and deserved part of coach of the year as well.

    I declare this years basketball team National Champions.......
    God knows they've worked hard and deserved it!
    John Brady deserves to be coach of the year, not because of this
    year though, he deserved this honor when we were on Probation
    and reached the Sweet Sixteen or whatever it was.

    What team has ever done that while on probation?

    I declare this years baseball team the best of all time.
    Its just too bad OU's NEVER any good at baseball.

    This team will win the CWS this year IMO but I think we
    should go ahead and award them the title........

    2004 LSU Tigers....CWS Champions Again!
    God knows they will work hard and deserve it!
    Smokey and staff deserve Coach of the year as well!

    From now on the only reason to play the game isn't to crown a
    Champion, that will already be done before a game is even played.

    The reason to watch the game is?? Well? I dunno?

    But who cares because the way things are going None of this matters anyway....

    USC and OU just can't get over it, thier teams are 2nd best but
    shoot one of them have to be 3rd!

    I hope I didn't write to much but it was sure interesting.

    How many NC's did we win now with USC and others standards?

    From the looks of things Bob Stoops and Pete Carroll should win
    an award.

    For being the biggest Jack Asses in college football

    Way to show your kids how to act!

  2. BostonBengal

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    May 14, 2003
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    Sarcasim at it's finest! Geaux Sourdoughman!
  3. Lost Tiger fan

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    I think Dewayne Scales,Rudy Macklin,Jordy Holtburg&Eric Martin would argue that title you give the '89 team. Don't make Pistol Pete mad!!!
  4. Mr. Peabody

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    We had our shot and blew it.

    Enough said.

    COTIGERFAN20 Freshman

    Jan 26, 2004
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    Yea and I deserve to win the powerball, not gonna happen anytime soon I think good ole "Stoopid"....Sry I mean Stoops will be ok though

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