Our Great Leader on the cover of "Cowboy and Indians" magazine.

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    What a refreshing piece in the latest issue of "Cowboys and Indians" magazine about our Great Leader, George W. Bush. The article talks of how our Great Leader is a salt of the earth rancher at heart, a true pioneer and steward of our natural environment. What skill and intellect for our Great Leader to go from convincing our world leaders on issues of world peace, informing and educating them on the issues to wearing a Stetson, Carhartt jacket and cowboy boots while tending his property. A true national treasure and Renaissance man is our Great Leader. Anyone that can go from educating Putin on global security in the AM to punching doggies in the PM is the type of leader this country needs and is lucky to have.
    What a welcome change from his predecessor whose legacy will be putting on a pair of Stacey Adams and blowing the Funky Chicken on the Arsenio Hall show.
    While it is inevitable that President W. Bush belongs on Mt. Rushmore in due time, it is fitting that is predecessor is being inducted in the Arkansas Negro Hall of Fame. What a startling contrast.

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