Pac 12 proposes major changes

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    "Pac-12 university presidents have sent a letter to their colleagues at the other four major football conferences calling for sweeping changes to the NCAA model and autonomy for those leagues....spurred in part by Northwestern football players' move to unionize, the Pac-12 presidents outlined a 10-point plan for reform that includes many proposals commissioners have been advocating for several years, including a stipend for athletes. The NCAA is working on a new governance structure that will allow the five wealthiest conferences to make some rules without the support of smaller Division I schools.....

    - Permit institutions to make scholarship awards up to the full cost of attendance.

    - Provide reasonable ongoing medical or insurance assistance for student-athletes who suffer an incapacitating injury in competition or practice. Continue efforts to reduce the incidence of disabling injury.

    - Guarantee scholarships for enough time to complete a bachelor's degree, provided that the student remains in good academic standing.

    - Decrease the demands placed on the athlete in-season, correspondingly increase the time available for studies and campus life, by preventing the abuse of organized "voluntary" practices to circumvent the limit of 20 hours per week and more realistically assess the time away from campus and other commitments during the season.

    - Similarly decrease time demands out of season by reducing out-of-season competition and practices, and by considering shorter seasons in specific sports.

    - Further strengthen the Academic Progress Rate requirements for postseason play.

    - Address the "one and done" phenomenon in men's basketball. If the NBA and its Players Association are unable to agree to raising the age limit for players, consider restoring the freshman ineligibility rule in men's basketball.

    - Provide student-athletes a meaningful role in governance at the conference and NCAA levels.

    - Adjust existing restrictions so that student-athletes preparing for the next stage of their careers are not unnecessarily deprived of the advice and counsel of agents and other competent professionals, but without professionalizing intercollegiate athletics.

    - Liberalize the current rules limiting the ability of student-athletes to transfer between institutions."

    What do you think?
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    This is awesome for athletes in sports not on full scholarship. The immediate impact will be on talent recruiting. Kids will pass on a school with partial scholarship which, likely will push other conferences to promote the same measure. Although this may be seen as the conference caving to the NW deal, it does well to point out that the measures that were passed on now have light. There seems to be some room for interpretation but they appear to be guidelines rather than language for rule.

    Don't like easing the rule for transferring. USC should have to suffer from stacking their talent positions. I love to watch prima donna's whine about their playing time.
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    The PAC has an ulterior motive? J/K.

    I like. They need to add more scholarships to baseball too.
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    Looks great on paper. Sounds like reasonable, logical, needed steps. Policing some of these advancements will be challenging to achieve with the goal of maintaining amateurism, specifically in regards to stipends, "full cost of attendance" scholarships, and in allowing the advice of counsel when considering the next level "without professionalizing intercollegiate athletics." Overall, I like the goals/objectives. From the coaches standpoint, they aren't going to like some of the practice restrictions, but I think it is the right move, personally.
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    Some of it sounds good but restoring the freshman ineligibility rule is stupid. If a freshman is good enough to play he should play. Pete Maravich, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton all had to wait a year before hitting the court. What a shame. The only way to end the one and done phenomena is if the NBA would adopt the same rule as Major League Baseball. A player can sign right out of high school but if he does sign a college scholarship he would not be eligible for the draft until his junior year or he had at least been 3 years removed from high school
  6. ParadiseiNC

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    With a new commish, the NBA is considering increasing the age to 20 y/o anyway.

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