Papa Shula makes a pitch for Willie

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    UM football gets in position


    Don Shula asked Larry Coker the other day if Coker had decided whether to allow storied linebacker Willie Williams into school. When Coker said no decision had been made, Shula said, ''Well, if you don't take him, let me know because Mike would sure like to have him at Alabama.''

    So much for Williams being abandoned to the streets if UM should not accept him. Somebody else will before you can say ''WW.''

    Anyway, Miami's Hurricanes have more immediate problems. And immediate prospects. The very first preseason ratings are out, by We all realize preseason ratings and a $5 bill will get you an ice cream cone in an airport, but, for the record, ranks Miami fifth, behind Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Louisiana State, and just ahead of Michigan and Florida State, with Florida 13th.
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